Ideas for Kindness & Change – Part II

Greetings All!

Part – II of the Ideas for Kindness & Change is here! Inspirations are limitless and here I present you with another set of Inspirational Ideas for Kindness & Change—

43 Ideas for Kindness & Change

1. Leave nice comments on blogs, Twitter, and Facebook

2. Come to the rescue of someone in need

3. Share – Even if you don’t really want to

4. Let someone else have your seat on the crowded bus, light-rail or subway

5. Do the task no one else wants to do

6. Create a happy book – Gather all your good memories and thoughts into 1 spot

7. Keep a pen on hand – Lend it to people when needed

8. Don’t leave others waiting for you – Be on time

9. Tell your partner what a good hair/butt day they’re having

10. Tell your partners parents how talented your partner is at something

11. Tip generously 

12. Say “Hi” to strangers

13. Smile at people

14. Help lost people – See tourists wandering around lost? Help them out. Be their new local friend. Someone did this for us once and we were so, so thankful.

15. Offer a ride to someone who is car-less

16. Help that stressed parent by offering to babysit

17. If the work-day is running late and you know your co-worker has somewhere they have to be offer to stay late so they don’t have to worry about figuring it out

18. Thank your co-workers for doing a good job, for getting extra supplies, for thinking ahead, for being easy to work with

19. Donate your old car and clothes to charities

20. Avoid gossip – No need to spread any negativity

21. Give the painter, electrician, or handyman a glass of water or offer them a pop

22. Be understanding – Assume the best in others. If someone is running late or has called in sick don’t assume they’re trying to get out of something.

23. Hang out with the person who just moved to town

24. Be understanding of traveling parents with the grumpy or noisy kids

25. Pack extra snacks and offer them to your co-workers or friends

26. Leave good books (or other nice stuff) for your fellow apartment dwellers to take from your shared common spaces

27. Compliment people on their homes

28. Forgive the person you used to hate back in the day

29. Make amends for the wrongs you have done

30. Respect your partner and don’t make decisions without their input

31. Let someone else have their way without putting up a fight about it

32. Donate your vacation or sick days to a person at work who is struggling with cancer or another horrible illness

33. Send a surprise book to someone from an online retailer

34. Don’t let your friends (or co-workers or acquaintances) be alone on the holidays

35. Listen to someone’s life story – Yes, the whole thing

36. Be friendly on public transportation

37. Selflessly help (and promote) others

38. Give a glowing recommendation

39. Tell the person who is looking for a job when you hear about an opening

40. Call your in-laws

41. Help people out who might be feeling awkward

42. Generously give your knowledge

43. Have you discovered something that has changed your life? – Share what you know and inspire others to change their lives too

Inspiration enough? Wish to be a part of the Deeds Of Change Drive? Click here for Submission Details.

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