Words & Wisdom- The Voyage!


Books are our best friends, our windows to another world, a beautiful voyage to an unknown land and a wanderer’s paradise, isn’t it? How many of us may relate to this? What are books to you? Have they been your best friend or a world of imagination and imagery or the canvas of inspiration?

Sometimes, we even relate to a character in the story and, at times, while reading a book, we get lost in another world, which sometimes, makes us reluctant to even feel our present atmosphere, isn’t it? Books are indeed magic!

So, share your thoughts on how books have created an impact in your lives and how? Write your words in the comment section! 

Till then, Happy Reading! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Words & Wisdom- The Voyage!

  1. I used to read the earlier dragonlance series before the stories started to spread apart, boy did it take me to places and kept my imagination going, Truly miss those days 🙂

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