Words & Wisdom- The path of happiness!


Desires and wants are the disguised face of dissatisfaction, disappointment, frustration, sadness and regrets. Can we ever settle for a life where greed is least involved? Everyone is aware of this fact, but how many of us, do really abide by it? 

Is it because aspirations and expectations are of bigger comfort and content than the simple things in life? But isn’t it true that with the shimmer of desires and aspirations, comes along the waves of discontent and restlessness? 

What are your views on Aspirations and Desires? Do you prefer the simplicity of life or aspire for ambitions and joy beyond your reach? Do you have an incident to share? Share your words in the comment section 🙂

7 thoughts on “Words & Wisdom- The path of happiness!

  1. I feel a focus certainly gives a grip in life. Dreams and desires do motivate great inventions and discoveries. We wouldn’t be enjoying this technology and medical facilities if someone who worked behind didn’t have that desire and inspiration to do it. However, greed and, may be as you put, the wrong kind of desire is destructive. There’s a thin line and only wisdom can guide each individual in this.

    You share great posts Amreen. Keep up the good work.

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    1. Yea, dreams and desires for the good will reap better rewards while wrong desires or those which intend to harm others should be avoided.

      Thank you for your encouraging words! I’m glad you like them 🙂



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