4 ways to wear scarfs in 2016!

Life is too short to wear boring jewelry

The alternative? Well, the Scarf! Scarves are one of the most versatile wardrobe accesories to style with. They are available in vivid variety, fabric, colors and patterns. It can be useful to cover us up under the sunshine or to keep us warm during chilling winters. One can drape, loop or tie it to suit our mood and occasion.

Let’s discuss on what fabrics and prints for styling a scarf which are in vogue in 2016!

  1. Geometric Patterns: They are trendy and in! One can experiment with geometric patterns like triangles, squares, circles, rectangles, or abstract prints, checkered or 60s and 70s retro geometric prints. Even the computer-generated pixelated and wavy prints are cool and are here to stay!

2. Artistic Creations: The strokes of colors and splash of creativity on the scarves are in vogue and quite pretty. Wearing them on complimenting plain dress or top can express the creative side of you and is lively.

3. Animal Prints: This print pattern is timeless, elan and something that will stay forever. Variations to this style like feather, tribal or color-block mixed prints are interesting, new and definitely worth a try!


4. Floral Peace: It is one such classic print pattern of all times. Variations to this style include palm, leaf, petals or tree prints and experimenting this pattern with a tie, knot or a twist is fresh.

Scarf for Spring Summer Street Fashion

Scarves for Spring/Summer should be of material which is light and breathable, like Silk, Cotton, Linen, Chiffon or Satin.


Scarves for Fall/Winter should be warm, while still delivering comfort and softness, like Wool, Cashmere, Pashmina, Acrylic and Jersey.

Go ahead and style yourself in vogue! Stay tuned for more fashion and style updates! Happy 2016! 🙂


Content Courtesy: GorGeautiful.com

5 thoughts on “4 ways to wear scarfs in 2016!

  1. That was what I was looking forward to reading these winters. Thanks a lot for sharing the nitty gritty on it 🙂
    Scarves look trendy and stylish. And experimenting with then is always fun 🙂


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