The new layer to ultimate Ecommerce deals-

Want a paisa-vasool deal for your used products? Go Faida and #DoFaida!

Yes, you heard it right! Internet is brimming with not only exchange of ideas but also exchange of used products. Recently, I was referred an amazing website- Faida. As the name suggests, it’s an online store to buy, sell or exchange new or used products. It’s well-structured and organized.

faida home page

I wanted to sell my old Micromax mobile-phone and thought of using Faida, as it has a very unique addition to the usual notion of eCommerce. We can not only sell or buy items, but also exchange(barter), where we get a host of other valuable items in return. I was instantly pleased and since it’s free-to-use, I decided to give it a try!

It has 2 options-

  1. Demand List: Complete Exchange of items
  2. Listing: Adding details of products

sell used mobile phone

I was swept over by the irresistible variety of products available and knew that I’d become a frequent visitor. Hence, I got registered and instantly added a listing of my mobile, the best part being the ‘Suggest me something‘ option where I got an idea about the products which were in for sale on the site and can be bought in exchange for my phone. Also, the ‘I know what I want to get in return‘ option was fine where I could specify my needs.

Within a few hours of my listing, I started getting response and the best suitable to me was a buyer who wished to exchange a Samsung Galaxy S2 in good condition. I found it a perfect deal and contacted the lady. Within a few days, the deal was done.

earn points on faida

There are amazing deals/offers on used electronics for sale, old laptops for sale, old furniture and so on. My brother has too liked the functionality of the website and wishes to buy used gym equipment for himself, while I plan to buy myself some second hand books for good reads.

faida redeem points

My verdict on Faida


  • Easy to use
  • Great deals/offers
  • Handsome variety in products
  • Exchange + Cash being the eye-candy
  • Exciting Faida Badges for good engagement
  • Faida Points to redeem exciting Faida Goodies


  • Need of an app


Are you convinced enough? Why not give it a try and visit the site here

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