Why Nactus is the answer to modern learning and teaching!

A child without education is like a bird without wings

Indeed, knowledge is an integral part of our lives as it boosts our creativity and imagination. With the progressing world, the modes of teaching has advanced and learners are now approaching world-wide-web to quench their thirst of education.

But, is there really a concrete medium where tutors and learners can meet, to share their expertise and gain knowledge? What about online security and proper management? Are they ensured online?

Well, yes! Nactus– an online education-system does ensure that! It’s a platform which aims at improving the overall learning experience by facilitating not only the discovery of tutors/trainers around, but also providing us with other technological tools to make our learning more organised and efficient. It facilitates a common platform where students and qualified tutors can meet and have access to the right tools to make learning effective and convenient.

How is it feasible for tutors?

  • A detailed profile creation about the classes they conduct to promote better visibility and discovery by students
  • Provision of unique tools to organize tuition classes, be reminded about upcoming classes including cancelling and rescheduling options
  • Interactive two-way communication with the students on a single mobile app
  • Provides a dedicated platform for student interactions eliminating the need for any social groups like WhatsApp, etc
  • A non-chargeable platform for any classes conducted

How is it beneficial for students?

  • Only a teacher can see their students’ data. Hence, their information is protected at the end of the teachers
  • Even two students can’t see each other’s contact details which is impossible under various groups created using the current social networking platforms
  • The terms of the classes, including fees, etc are all decided by the teachers itself


Why Nactus is better than other social platforms for communication with students?

  • Only a teacher can see the contact details of their students. Therefore, the student’s information is protected from undesirable access.
  • No other tutor can either see other tutors’ information or their students’ details. One can only see details of their students
  • Messages sent by Nactus are via push-notification and sit in separate inbox under respective student/teacher’s name. Hence, the risk of message missing out in a continuous chain of communication does not arise
  • A platform where students only chat with teachers and not between themselves. So, it is a learning-focused platform and doesn’t become a social platform

Convinced? Why not try it?

Nactus is available for download on Google Play Store or be accessed through www.nactus.com

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