Kik messenger for Droidadda

Kik messenger is the best messaging service you will ever use. We say this with all confidence and we also state this keeping in mind the one great thing about this app is the inherent security features which takes into account the rampant data theft which has spiked over the last decade. Also, it is of great import that the new app is also fundamentally easy to use. … Continue reading Kik messenger for Droidadda


SHAREit Users Reaches One Billion Mark

SHAREit has achieved a remarkable status in March 2017 as its number of users has reached one billion, out of which 100 million are Indonesians, since the citizens of the country forms one of the biggest markets for SHAREit. Covering more than 200 countries and garnering more than 400 million active users, the app ranks first on Google Play tool list in 33 countries. Now, … Continue reading SHAREit Users Reaches One Billion Mark


Why you should download Vidmate today

With each passing day, we are getting more and more dependent on our smartphones. In the last decade, we have witnessed a massive revolution in the technological field, especially in the handsets, and the process is still ongoing. The smartphones have made our lives so easier and smoother and the applications come with it have played a major role too. Before the smartphones were invented, … Continue reading Why you should download Vidmate today

Why Nactus is the answer to modern learning and teaching!

A child without education is like a bird without wings Indeed, knowledge is an integral part of our lives as it boosts our creativity and imagination. With the progressing world, the modes of teaching has advanced and learners are now approaching world-wide-web to quench their thirst of education. But, is there really a concrete medium where tutors and learners can meet, to share their expertise and … Continue reading Why Nactus is the answer to modern learning and teaching!