Kik messenger for Droidadda

Kik messenger is the best messaging service you will ever use. We say this with all confidence and we also state this keeping in mind the one great thing about this app is the inherent security features which takes into account the rampant data theft which has spiked over the last decade. Also, it is of great import that the new app is also fundamentally easy to use. Kik messenger is the proprietary Instant messaging service which was designed, developed, and released by Kik Interactive, the Canadian agency.


There are may features of the Kik interactive app. Let us start with the most basic and the most important ones. First of all, the Kik Messenger is available on the Google Play store. This means that the site, as well as the app which is listed on it, are both trusted by Google is well. Otherwise, they would not refer the link on their private server in any case.

Kik messenger will only use a smartphone’s existing data plan or even the Wi-Fi network which will be transmitting and receive messages as well. Besides sucg obvious niceties, it will also photos and videos besides sketches. Remember that you need to sign in with a valid username to avail the services. Kik messenger will also be made available anonymously, which makes it just about right in case you are worried about your data security as well.

Many such other benefits are also ascribed to Hike messenger. The app does have one major disadvantage, however. It does not stand still in front of adversity. For example, it recently scored a meager 1 out of a total 7 points in the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s security replicating device. Traditionally, such instant mesaging aps are not very hard to crack. They use a JavaScript code at its heart which is the one they also use for encrypting their data. And as far as the compatibility of the application is concerned, it is suitable for Windows laptops and desktops. Therefore, Kik for PC is certainly available. Not only that, Kik can also be downloaded on Android as well as MAC devices.

In the case of Hike Messenger, this is not quite so smooth. For example, it was reported that the core and most crucial code of the Messenger could be hacked. It could also be identified by minors and its back could well be broken. For the benefit of the user and the reader of this piece, it must be mentioned that The New York Times had in early 2016 reported that the app was being described by many law enforcement officials as being the problem app of that moment, and indirect reference to the use of Kik messenger by groups who indulged in Child exploitation.

Sine then, however, the security team at Kik’s headquarters seem to have stepped up their game as they have realized that many of its erstwhile clients and ordinary users had migrated on to other similar appendages. In a report filed by the company last year, it went on to describe how they had combated the effect of this misadventure.  Truly, it seems that the social business management team at Kik Messenger is in sync with the time. It is about time you used this app.

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