SHAREit Users Reaches One Billion Mark

SHAREit has achieved a remarkable status in March 2017 as its number of users has reached one billion, out of which 100 million are Indonesians, since the citizens of the country forms one of the biggest markets for SHAREit. Covering more than 200 countries and garnering more than 400 million active users, the app ranks first on Google Play tool list in 33 countries.


Now, if you are wondering as to how, despite having a huge market share of over 80% in Indonesia, it appeals to more than a billion users globally. Well, the answer to that question is that it satisfies the basic content sharing demand of engaging market users.

India also has more than 300 million SHAREit users. When one billion people are connected with the world through SHAREit, situations such as “no Internet means no communication” will become a thing of the past. Technical problems will hopefully be solved with technologies, and SHAREit will allow anybody in the globe to interact with each other, making sharing everywhere possible.

SHAREit also has humongous potential in big data mining as the number of transferred resources through the app exceeds 700 million daily.

Smartphone users across the globe were very impressed when they first used it as they never thought that transferring data and sharing information can be made possible without a network, that too, at tremendous high speeds. Another big advantage of SHAREit is the fact that it breaks the limitation for information sharing, which eventually links us to the one billion users across the globe.

The world is getting interconnected day by day as the technological development is integrating itself to mobile internet from just internet. SHAREit entered the Indian market a couple of years ago along with various Chinese smart phone entrepreneurs. This enabled better availability of mobile internet to more people and the demand for sharing content became stronger.

SHAREit helps enable sharing of content despite the lack of internet connection and poor internet speed caused by technical problems. SHAREit has consistently been ranked along with Facebook and WhatsApp among the tool list of Google Play App market in India. This means that thousands of users, across the globe, are becoming spreaders of SHAREit and in the process are influencing their friends, family and loved ones with their said practical action.

Just like global internet companies, SHAREit also takes its user’s feedback very seriously and keeps on adding more and more new functions to improve their experience through detailed optimization and practical action. The latest update version of SHAREit has improved the group texting experience apart from the individual texting for users. The app has updated the button of group receiving and texting from the second-grade page to the first page of the system. This simple change reciprocates the scene change of SHAREit when using and it also implies that the app is now evolving from content sharing tool among users to a splendid tool of working and educating for groups and individuals. SHAREit keeps contributing its own strength through “accelerating content sharing” in order to help to appear its resplendence in the era of mobile internet.

No wonder, in the past couple of years, SHAREit has been constantly ranked as one of the best apps of recent times.


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