Stellar Data Recovery Service Review!

Imagine you worked for hours on a project- finding data, sifting through the best, compiling them together, preparing a presentation and then suddenly, a few minutes before you saved the final product, your laptop shuts down completely, leaving you in a fuming and non-expressible state. Don’t even want to think something like that, right?

A few moments ago, I too could have empathized with you in such a situation. In fact, in a more grave circumstance like this, but, now I feel carefree about such trivial matters! How?


Well, I read about a company called Stellar Data Recovery which is one of the pioneers in data recovery industry in India and has been providing a wide range of data recovery services & solutions since 1993. They have supreme expertise in recovering data from almost all kinds of media storage devices like, Hard disk, Laptop, External media devices, SSDs (SanDisk solid state drives) servers, RAID/SAN/NAS systems, database, emails, mobile phones etc. Their data recovery experts can recover up to 100% of your valuable data from any storage media device, irrespective of their failure cause. Isn’t that amazing?

With the world constantly thriving on data for their growth and development, we now understand, that data or information is no less than an asset to us.

Now that we are moving towards a virtual world which relies on huge chunks of data and information, it is hence required that we secure our data, inclusive of data recovery due to any mishap or circumstance, so that, we can focus on development.

Why Stellar for Data Recovery?

Asia’s #1 Data Recovery Company:

Stellar is Asia’s #1 Data Recovery Company and it has gained this position due to its endless support and service in the Data Recovery Sector. In computing, data recovery is a process of salvaging inaccessible data from corrupted or damaged secondary storage, removable media or files, when the data they store cannot be accessed in a normal way. They are packed with the best data recovery techniques, skilled and trained recovery experts, dedicated research and development team and a well developed infrastructure of CLASS 100 CLEAN ROOM Labs and hence they are one of the most popular and well-known Data Recovery Companies in Asia.

Free Door-Step Media Pickup:

In Data Recovery, Media is the various elements, like Flash cards, Hard disk, RAID Servers, USB drives, Memory Cards, iPhone, iPad, etc, which has data recovery problems and Stellar takes care of their customer well by providing them free door-step media pickup.

Physical Presence in 16 Cities of India:

Stellar is a wide service provider as it is located in various city locations of India, including Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Noida, Pune, Vashi. It is the only known company which provides PAN India data recovery service. Hence, it is in a way beneficial to the customers and this in other way, shows reliability and support and builds trust of the customers.

Class 100 Clean Room:

In Data Recovery, Clean Room is an environmentally controlled, dust-free, assembly or repair facility in which hard drives are assembled or opened for internal servicing. Such an environment is necessary for any data to recover without any problem or issue. Stellar, being one of the most trusted service provider, it has a dedicated Class 100 Clean Room located at its corporate office in Gurgaon, which is designed to provide advanced data recovery from all instances or issues of physical damages.

No Recovery – No Charge Policy:

Stellar follows this stringent policy where it assures its customers, a complete recovery of their data and hence, it claims a No Recovery – No Charge Policy, where it does not charge its customers if they at all fail to recover the data. This is a way of building the confidence of their customers as Stellar is best equipped in Data Recovery.

Online/Cashless Payment:

It has well-defined payment options for its customers, so that their experience with the company is the best. Hence, it gives its customers the option of Online or Card Swipe Payment available at all the branches, according to their need and comfort, thus offering cashless payment to their customers.

Capable of recovering Data from Drowned/Flooded Hard Drives:

Stellar showed its best data recovery service when it was successful in recovering data for flood victims. It is a difficult task, but Stellar worked hard towards it and hence, they were able to recover the data, thus building trust and recognition among their customers and also attaining the achievement of data recovery in worst-case scenarios.

ISO 9001:2008 Certified company:

Stellar is the only company in India dedicated to data recovery and has an experience of over 22 years. It is certified under ISO 9001:2008 and is a leading provider of data recovery services, equipped with the best trained engineers and experts in the field of Data Recovery.

Recover data from all kinds of storage devices:

Stellar is equipped in recovering data from all kinds of storage devices including dead hard disk, Formatted Laptop/Desktop Hard disks, Corrupted RAID servers, damaged mobile phones, corrupted memory cards, etc. In addition to devices, Stellar also performs file recovery, database recovery, photo recovery, Tally data recovery and so on. Thus, we can determine and conclude that Stellar is the one-stop solution to all our data recovery needs.

I believe that Stellar Data Recovery is one of the most trusted and reliable source to recover our data during any calamity or unfortunate event. In fact, now that I know about it, I am myself assured about any such future fallback and also recommend it to anyone who experiences data loss.

Have you tried the services by Stellar? Or maybe you had any such data loss experiences? Why not share them with us in the comment section? 

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