Why I recommend Ready.. Set.. Start Freelancing e-Course by Ieva Laicāne!

You become a Freelancer by passion and not by choice!

I always felt something beautiful about freelancers and also aimed to be one, someday. After a dedicated, corporate life of 2 years in the field of IT, I planned for a change. With the knowledge I had, I thought of starting something of my own. But, mind you, it is not easy, at all!

Till recently, I never followed any rules for my work, but only did what I felt. Hence, I attained failures, too! Because, whatever we do, a mindset and a bit of training is a must, to some extent. And suddenly, RSSF (Ready.. Set.. Start Freelancing) happened.

It is a well-designed and organized 3 week course framed by Ieva Laicāne and comprises of various tools and resources to kick-start our freelancing career.

The e-course includes everything one needs to know: starting from the very basics of goal setting, plan creation and future vision, including things like branding, service creation, pricing. One can learn how to be ready for their first clients and where to find them. How to create contracts, store invoices and what are the tax tricks for freelancers. One can also get the SEO game going and boost the website traffic, learn where to advertise and how to plan the workflow. And there’s so much more!

Why I recommend the course?

According to me, the course is well-formatted, easy-to-access and understand. The language used is lucid, friendly and the flow is perfect. It starts from how and why one must take up freelancing to its essentials and then spreads across the various touch-points of Successful freelancing.

I must say, with the insights from various other such freelancers in the e-Course, I also got the knowledge of real-time issues and how to tackle them. Apart from that, the community group of freelancers is also appealing and helps us to connect with like-minded individuals. Likewise, the various resources available are completely useful and I learned a lot about creating a brand image to SEO-Optimization and marketing. The best part of the course was the Quote Section which was no less than an inspiration and kept the enthusiasm in us going.

Do you wish to start your freelancing career? Want to opt for some e-Course? Why not try RSSF e-Course


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