Mrs. Jyoti Gupta, Director, VS Matrix Pvt. Ltd. on International Women’s Day

With International Women’s Day around the corner, the internet is buzzing with inspirational ideas and thoughts by leading ladies and what binds them to be the best. It is the time of the year when we celebrate women, their power, their strength, their will and their beauty. And then there are words of wisdom by eminent ladies, like Mrs. Jyoti Gupta, Director of VX Matrix Pvt. Ltd. among others, who, on the occasion of International Women’s Day lends her thoughts on the day meant . Why not give it a read? international-women-day

“International women’s day is a day all women should be proud of and I count this day exclusively for myself. In fact it’s an important day for all the women across the world. On this day, I try to do whatever I can for the welfare of women, especially for the girl child. On this day I keep myself occupied in visiting women orphanage houses and spend time with them, besides distributing gifts and contributing towards extending my help in solving their day-to-day problems. Simultaneously I also spread the message that every women should be literate and to fulfill this aim I make sure that on this day I visit maximum girl child welfare centres to distribute books between them. My heartfelt desire is that on women’s day I adopt a girl child and take the whole sole responsibility of shaping her life on my shoulders, so that she gets a well–settled life.”

What are your thoughts on International Women’s Day? Share your ideas and opinions in the comment section.


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