6 reasons why travelers must opt for Deyor Rooms!

I want to make memories all around the world.

How many would agree to that? Everyone! Travelling is not less than art because it brings beauty to the eyes, peace to the mind and adventures to the soul.

But, many of us refrain from travelling every few months or may be, every year, because it involves great budget. Travelling during peak seasons is mostly avoided as the hotel room rates tend to fluctuate and that kills the enthusiastic traveler in us, agree?

Here’s a solution! I was recently referred Deyor Rooms by one of my friends, when I complained her about the high rates of hotel rooms, which all of us face. And I must say, there’s no better answer to our travel problems than Deyor.


6 reasons why travelers must opt for Deyor Rooms

  1. Budget it right

Deyor is a budget hotel chain, which ensures complete customer satisfaction by providing consistent and high quality hotel experience throughout our stay. The experience begins from the ease of locating the hotel, painless check-ins, clean linens/towels, hygienic washrooms, free Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfast and dedicated 24/7 concierge.

It categorizes its hotels into 3 categories based on fixed pricing, location, and quality:

  • Standard experience of Deyor Blue Star hotels at INR 1,099
  • Superior experience of Deyor Red Star Hotels starting at INR 1,699
  • Premium experience of Deyor Gold Star Hotels starting at INR 2,499

2. Options! Options! Options!

Deyor provides world-class and consistent experience in more than 73 locations, including, Udaipur, Shirdi, Manali, among others. The hotels are situated in exotic locations to satisfy the thirst of travel in us, to the optimum.


3. Fun-filled Camps

Deyor has amazing travel packages in the form of various Camps and pricing, which ensures a fun and adventurous experience wherever we go.

4. 100% Customer Satisfaction-oriented

Deyor is concerned about their customers and their satisfaction is directly related to their business and objective. Hence, they make it a point to always record a detailed customer review of their services, so that they can keep a track of how they are progressing and where and how to troubleshoot the loopholes.

5. Cancellation & Refund Policy

And then there are worst-case scenarios, isn’t it? Deyor knows how to handle them! They have cancellation policy based on certain criteria and refund policy on cheque or bank transfer. This ensures that the customers can keep coming again and again, carefree.

6. 5-star styled cleanliness and hygiene at budget price

At Deyor, everyone is OCD about cleanliness and hygiene. The rooms are very clean with all amenities in place. It promises to give 5-star style experience at budget prices: both for Deyor Rooms & Deyor Camps. The staff is well trained and highly professional and was able to resolve consumer queries in effective manner.

Do you have plans to travel, anytime now? Why not consider Deyor? Have suggestions? Share them in the comment section.


20 thoughts on “6 reasons why travelers must opt for Deyor Rooms!

  1. I have stayed with Deyor Rooms twice and the experience was phenomenal. I don’t know how they are managing it, but they are doing it really nicely.

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  2. Such a nice post! I can’t agree more that travelling is an art and those who are travelling are artists for sure! I am a photographer and traveler and I`m sharing on my blog inspiration and photography which I`m creating while visiting different places. Welcome to see what I`m sharing there)

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