VWoman International Women’s Day Blogger Meet

She held her head high
and looked the world
straight in the eye.
Celebrate her strength!

Indeed, Women is the most powerful and gracious thing which happened to this world and every year, we pay gratitude to Women Power by dedicating a day to all these lovelies, adorning their beauty and praising their courage and strength. We celebrate Women on 8th March, every year.


This year, I got to attend a special blogger meet, by Glenmark Pharmaceuticals and celebrate such magnificent ladies who broke those stereotypes of commonness and brought a change in this world. ‘Breaking stereotype’ was the theme. ‘Breaking stereotype’ is redefining conventional conditions to pioneer a better way of doing things. It is about challenging existing norms to rediscover the real ‘You’. Breaking stereotype is also about daring to question ’Why” and making the conscious choice of being different or finding a new way of doing things.


It was a more special and exciting meet because a fellow blogger, my beloved ‘Geeta Ma‘ was one of the winners of the title. Hence, it was exciting for all us bloggers, because someone who belonged to us, had went forward and brought about a big change in the lives of a many cancer patients by providing them Education, love and the thing that she’s best at- delicious food!

At the event, it was amazing to see the other ladies too who won the title, whose inspiring stories were no less than a motivation and it boosted my morale to fight against all the odds and make the world a better place.

Indeed, it was one evening I would forever cherish because such events only make us more stronger, happier and inspired to do something better for the society. I’m glad to be a part of such a wonderful event.

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