Deco Window unveils new collection for 2016

A house is built with walls and beams,
A home is made with love and dreams.

~~~ Anon

Isn’t it true that our home is the reflection of what we love and aspire? Every corner speaks of our dream and boasts of our story, holding immense importance in our eyes, isn’t it?

An elegant decor which defines our essence adds to the beauty of our home and soon becomes a part of our life and a new chapter in our story. What if we didn’t had to take efforts in decorating our homes with decor from various places, but find them all at one place, which totally defines our taste and liking?


Recently, I was invited to HGH Exhibition, Mumbai where Deco Window has revealed an entire range of exotic products in 6 different categories. Deco Window? Read more about it here

I was at complete awe when I saw the collection. The products include roller blinds, customized curtains, customized blinds, curtain tracks, wooden curtain rods, premium automated curtain tracks, modern shelves and a whole new range of tiebacks. The variety in every range is immense, vivid and the best part being the products are designed to meet the customer needs and are completely cost-efficient. The collection is fresh, wide in range and has various options to select from.

Why Deco Window?

  • Wide range of products
  • One-Stop-Solution to our home decor needs
  • Cost efficient
  • Quality is ensured
  • Meticulously designed products to suit customers’ needs

The designs are so captivating and immensely aesthetic that we can’t refrain from being mesmerized. They are beautiful, the fabric used is of good quality and every design shows that a lot of research and hard work has gone into bringing them alive. The modification in curtain tracks and rods is brilliant and smart, shelves are introduced in fresh colors and variety to complement the need of youngsters and the tiebacks are extravagant and appealing. The automated curtain tracks have options to control their operation in various ways. Overall, the collection is a must try!

Why I choose Deco Window?

As I mentioned that a home is the reflection of our ideas, Deco Window has many reasons to make us adopt that idea and give our home the look that we would cherish forever.

What are your ideas about a home? What do you do to make it beautiful, with the color of your ideas? Share your ideas in the comment section.


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