Why is a Child’s Growth essential?

It is never to late to have a happy childhood.
~~~ Berke Breathed

Indeed, childhood is that innocent part of our life when our body and soul grows and prospers. It is essential hence, that a child must grow consistently and evolve into a better person, physically and mentally. Play enables a child to build their creativity and hence develop their imagination, smartness, physical, cognitive and emotional strength. It is essential for a healthy brain development and it helps them in engaging and interacting with the environment around them.

Just like how, playing and fun is required for a child to grow mentally and build his mind and understanding through the curiosities that follow, it is much needed for a child to have a proper intake of food and nutrients to develop their bodies and enhance their physical growth.

For a parent, their children are the most valuable assets in their life. To see our child smile and laugh out of fun and enjoyment is the most happy sight for us, isn’t it? When our kids excel in any work they do, we feel the most merrier and our hearts swell with pride. No one can ever match the beauty of a kid’s presence for a parent. Anyone would agree to that, right?

Learning starts in infancy, long before formal education begins, and continues throughout life. Early learning begets later learning and early success breeds later success, just as early failure breeds later failure. 
– James J. Heckman

We all want and wish to see our kid grow and prosper consistently and continuously. Growth is the essence of life. Hence, any imbalance in the growth of a kid, be it psychologically or physically, creates a matter of stress and tension for the parent, isn’t it? We cannot even imagine such hindrance in their overall growth.

If we consider the shortcoming of a child’s physical growth, we can picture the loss of many opportunities for the kid, which indirectly affects their psychology. A hindrance in the physical growth of our kid could result into a lot of problems, not only for the child, but also the parent. Hence, According to me, it is crucially important that a child must catch up on lost growth.

The emotional, physical and social development of a child directly affects their overall development and their adolescence. In the early years of childhood, a kid grows steadily and eventually when the child’s growth slows down, it is reflected in their appetite.

What are the effects of Slow Growth on a child?

  • It affects their appetite
  • It affects their social and psychological aspect
  • It affects their overall development
  • It leads to loss of good opportunities for their betterment
  • It lowers their self-confidence

How can a child catch up on lost growth?

The main culprit behind a child’s slow growth is lack of nutrients and physical activity. Playing plays an essential role in the development of a kid. It is beneficial in many ways. It builds their imagination and also paves a way for the physical activity in a child. Apart from that, proper intake of nutrients or maintaining a balanced diet is crucial to leverage development in a child.

How important, in your opinion, is it for children to catch up on lost growth? Share your opinions and views in the comment section.

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