Ramadan Recipe for Iftar: Dahi Vada with McCain Chilli Potato Bites.

Food tastes better when you eat it with your family.

Indeed, how many of you agree? Ramadan is one such blessed month which welcomes some amazing family time over food, i.e. the Iftar (breaking the fast). The Iftar table is dressed with varied dishes in colors, tastes and aroma. We mostly binge on non-veg delicacies and refreshing faloodas or home-made desserts, namely custard, caramel, cinnamon pie, pudding, china grass sweets and so on. I was lucky enough to win a blogging contest which involved desserts for my Sugar Free China Grass Pudding and cook along with Celeb Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. It was one amazing experience, indeed!

I have been quite busy with prayers this Ramadan and so missed the chance to share the latest and fresh recipes I learnt this year. Anyway, I would be sharing one such Ramadan recipe for Iftar which I made using McCain Chili Potato Bites. Dahi Vada is one delicacy we make in Ramadan and everyone simply loves it, but I thought of incorporating a twist in the recipe and making it more spicy and sweet. Hence, I replaced the traditional Urad Dal Vada with McCain Chili Potato Bites.


This  recipe came to life last December, when I had the chance to attend the McCain Blogger meet and there they held this Twitter Contest to share innovative recipes with McCain Snacks and lo! my idea to make the Dahi Vada with McCain Chili Potato Bites was the winner! Amazing, isn’t it?

The Recipe gets simpler with the elimination of Urad Dal Vada.

Ingredients for Dahi Vada with McCain Chilli Potato Bites


McCain Chili Potato Bites (100 g), Thick beaten Yogurt with added Sugar (150 g), Chili Powder, Crushed Black Pepper, Chat Masala and Coriander for Garnishing purposes.

Method of Preparation:

  • Deep fry the McCain Chili Potato Bites in a container.
  • Meanwhile, add sugar (as per your liking) in the Yogurt.
  • Once the McCain Chili Potato Bites are fried, place a few (ideally five) in the dressing plate.
  • Generously top it with the Sweet Yogurt.


  • Sprinkle Chat Masala, crushed black pepper and Chili Powder generously over it
  • Top it with a sprig of coriander or sprinkle them over the dish as per your liking.
  • Dahi Vada with McCain Chili Potato Bites is ready to serve.


I hope you all enjoyed this simply, easy and delicious recipe and let me know you like it and if you have plans to try it out. Share your recipe ideas too or simply let me know your views about this recipe in the comment section.



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