8 tips to create your perfect bracelet stack!

All you need is Love Jewelry

Agree? Well, anyone! Jewelry or accessories are something which is close to our heart, our style and our personality because it adds a meaning to it, isn’t it? When the term, “Arm Party” was coined by Leandra Medine, she didn’t even closely had an idea that her interesting Instagram hashtag would initiate an accessories revolution. Why?

Well, because fashion buffs slowly and gradually started flaunting their collections, comprising of bangles, cuffs, rope bracelets, friendship stackers and so on.

So the idea behind was the more the number of bracelets, the better look it brings out. You see, the probabilities are endless.

Hence, we compiled a few tips on how to pair your bracelets well and create amazing bracelet stacks, which are not only appealing to the eye, but adds to your style quotient.


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1. Mix and match the bracelets in odd number, starting with a minimum of 3, where 5 or 7 bracelets are ideal.


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2. Place a bracelet with dangling charms at the bottom of the stack to elongate the stack of the bracelet and make it appear less bulky


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3. One can combine different textures and materials, like gemstones, leather, glass and wood. Mixing metals could give out a cool boho chic vibe.


Picture Courtesy

4. Keep adding a few metal splashes every now and then, to give it a more rugged look.


Picture Courtesy

5. One can combine bracelets of different sizes and thickness which gives a more prettier look.


Picture Courtesy

6. Defining your own personality or current mood through bracelets could be a fun idea. Hence, mixing the bracelets in a varied combination of colors and textures could emote your mood or style.


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7. One can create a complete look by pairing the bracelets with similar gemstones and wearing a simple gold bracelet in between.


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8. One can create a bolder or softer look by adjusting the thickness and colors of the bracelet.

Useful? Do you have your idea of a bracelet stack? Why not share your thoughts and views in the comment section?


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