How to design your home with these modern piece of furniture!

Home is where the heart is.

Everyone agrees to this beautiful quote, isn’t it? Wherever we may be, whatever we may do, only the walls of our home can give us the true warmth of closeness. Nothing can replace the feeling of being at home, agree?

With advances in House Interiors, we also love to design our home with the best in furniture and style. We also want our homes to reflect our style and mood. Modern Furniture are available nowadays in market, which not only provide an edge in terms of elegance and grace, but also consumes less space and are built with smart design.

I was recently surfing Modern Furniture on and I must say, I was intrigued and fascinated by the furniture designs. Being creative is the key to modernity and these designs speak it, out loud!

Pallet style furniture are quite in vogue these days and if you plan to change or experiment your furniture or house designs, you must have a look at these beautiful pieces of craftsmanship. It was indeed difficult for me to mention just a few designs as there are many, growing in finesse and creativity.

How to design your home with these 5 modern piece of furniture


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1. Vertical plant wall

It is always a mess to maintain the flower plants in the balcony. But with this beautifully structured plant wall furniture, one can decorate their balconies with flower plants or terrariums, and enjoy their afternoons with nature. This piece gives a definition and layout to arrange the plants and so, your balcony won’t look like one waste space.


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2. The Laptop Table

Not everyone is fond of sitting on a chair and using a laptop, as most prefer sitting down on the floor and working, isn’t it? This laptop table is my choice because it offers a convenience to work while you are sitting and not to forget the side table to keep your work diary and pens, or maybe a cup of brewing coffee. It also gets brownie points from me as it has a small drawer to keep your office essentials. Already liking it?


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3. Two-seater sofa, aka the love seat

Not every love story began on those garden benches, but yes yours can blossom with a love seat! It is the most beautiful piece of furniture one can have at their place. A love seat can be placed near the windows or in the balcony, where you two can spend some quality time and keep the love growing.


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4. The Coffee Table

A modernly designed coffee table is something which you must not give a miss. It can also be used for dining if you have less space at home. So, it serves the purpose of well-crafted intelligence and I’m already drooling over its beauty!


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5. Entryway Bench

When it is time to leave home and you struggle with balancing while wearing socks or tying those shoe laces? Been there, done that? This Entryway Bench is there for your rescue. It not only provides space for your shoes and sandals, but also gives you enough space to sit and wear them with ease. Awesome no?

Which one’s your favorite from among these? Have you yourself tried designing your home with modern furniture? Share your ideas and views in the comment section.

2 thoughts on “How to design your home with these modern piece of furniture!

  1. Among all the furniture, I loved the Coffee Table so much. Recently, I shifted to my new flat & I was searching for some smart things to decorate my new room. I’ll try to brought this type of coffee table for sure. Thanks for sharing the article here.

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