How to Buy Grocery Online & Save Money!

Happiness is…… Online Shopping!

This is no secret if you shop online for groceries then you can save a lot of money. Usually online shoppers don’t know that they are paying way more for groceries than they should be. If they follow simple tips mentioned in this article then they can save up to 30% on groceries at the end of each month.
It does not matter whether you are a housewife or a dad. If you are serious about saving money while shopping online then you need to follow tips given in this article.

These tips are very simple and not technical in nature to understand.

7 tips to buy grocery online and save money

1. Find Discounted Coupons and Promotional Codes

You can save a lot of money on discounted coupons and promotional codes.

You can become an extreme couponer. If you are a frequent buyer and shop daily then you can become an extreme coupouner and easily save up to Rs 5000 to Rs 10000 each month.

You can’t become an extreme couponer unless you are ready to spend 3 to 4 hours on internet daily. If you are a housewife then you can try becoming an extreme couponer.

An extreme couponer knows how to get coupons with over 30% discount on a particular grocery item.
After some experience you won’t take 3 to 4 hours daily. Similarly you can also find promotional codes.

2. Go to Every Website and Compare Prices

Next thing you can do is compare prices for an item by going to different websites. In order to compare prices you have to have to go to the top grocery sites like Big Basket, Reliance Fresh or other big stores. You start searching for items listed in the given categories below the search engine.

The comparison tool will list all the products for a particular category. Go through all the products listed there and choose a product that has sold the most. You can compare that product and see which other shopping sites are selling. You will come to know that the same product is sold at different websites for different price.

You will find some shopping sites are charging extra for the same item while the others are offering some discount. Therefore the online comparison tool will give you a list of shopping sites selling the same item. You can choose the shopping site which is selling the item for the lowest price. This is how you compare prices and buy an item.

Always use a comparison tool or a search engine before you buy an item. Don’t go to a shopping site and buy without doing any research, you will end up paying more.

3. Adjusting Your Web Browser

Here you have to learn few technical details. You need to tune in your browser. Usually shopping sites show different prices to different customers located in different locations. So price of an item will depend upon computer to computer. For a given computer they might show 30% discount on an item however on a different computer it will not show any discount for the same item.
Always clear your browsing history and flush out cookies. Choose localized version of the shopping site. You will definitely save more money.

4. Make Best Use of Refund Policy

If you want a refund then don’t shy away and ask for a refund. If you can’t get refund then you can ask for price drops on certain items. Sometimes you end up paying more for a product. In this case, you can ask the website to pay you back.
However for any refund or price drop you have to apply the same day. If you are late then you might not get any refund.

5. Join Loyalty or Reward Programs

Every other shopping site offers a loyalty or a reward program. If you purchase items for a certain amount in a given interval of time then you will get discounts up to 30%.
So always join a loyalty program. First you earn points and later on you can redeem those points for money or discounted coupons.

6. Free Shipping and Always Bargain

If a site is offering free shipping then always make best use of it.
Do not forget to bargain. Bargaining is an art. If you know this art then you can save a lot of money on your groceries.
You can call their customer service or helpline number and bargain for an item.
Bargaining does work.

7. Buy Items on a Given Day and Right Period of Time

Timing is very important while shopping online. There are days when sites are offering special discounts.
Buy on holiday seasons like Christmas, New Year or Black Friday. You will save a lot of money.
If you follow these tips then you can save up to 25% each month on your groceries.


Are you already practising these rules to shop grocery with ease? What are your methods or ideas? Do you plan to implement our ideas while buy grocery? Share your views in the comment section.

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