5 makeup must-haves to stay beautiful on-the-go!

Makeup is not a mask.

Makeup is an art.
Makeup is passion.
Makeup is expression.

Many make fun of how makeup can transform one’s beauty and there are a million articles on how actors look with and without makeup. But, makeup is indeed an art and these days, many enjoy to put makeup and try out different styles. Makeup is no longer a thing of the elite. Anyone and everyone loves to do makeup and I am one among them.

There is a lot of knowledge and understanding of colors that goes into doing makeup and the right one would do wonders to one’s personality and glamour. It isn’t any longer done for show-off, but to speak out one’s personality and grandeur.

One doesn’t like to put makeup on an everyday basis. Then, what are the basic essentials of makeup that can give you a natural look and style? No worries! I am writing down 5 such essential makeup products that any girl must have in their bag, to achieve that natural and every day look.

What are theย 5 makeup must-haves to stay beautiful on-the-go?


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1. BB Cream with SPF Protection

It is the most important thing in a girl’s life these days. One can use a BB cream for routine makeup or parties. It never lets you down. It gives a makeup look to your face and is a must have.


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2. The legendary kohl

As you must have noticed, kohl or kajal is gaining a lot of popularity among the girls when it comes to makeup essentials. One cannot bring drama and boldness to their face without the oh-so-mesmerizing kajal. One can experiment their look with a kajal by applying just a stroke or a heavy thick stroke. You can use it as an eye-liner or create an eye-shadow too, so it is worth it.



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3. Mascara

Who doesn’t love to define their eyelids or give their eyes a classy look? As they say, eyes are the most beautiful asset and therefore giving your eyes a definition with mascara shouldn’t be given a miss. A must have. period.


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4. Lip-gloss

A neutral hued lip-gloss not only keeps your lip soft but also gives color and shine.


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5. Lipstick

A lipstick’s an essential part of basic makeup and one experiment with any of your favorite shade of pinks, oranges, reds or nude color.

Apart from these tips, do not forget to be yourself and always wear your smile. They add to your beauty!

Was this article helpful? What do you use to achieve basic makeup? What are your makeup essentials? Share them in the comment section.

9 thoughts on “5 makeup must-haves to stay beautiful on-the-go!

  1. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ good post i liked all the products except the “matte me” lipstick. I got t after lot of suggestions from youtube. No matter how much lip preparations were done, i found that to be my awful choice ever made in lipcolors…

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