5 best ideas to spice up your wall decor!

Let the walls speak your mind..

…and soul. I’m very fond of home decor and especially the wall decor. I still remember how in school when we were told to select our P.T. (Physical Training) uniforms depending on the color of our house. Back in early 2000s, most Indian houses were painted in one color and later, but later a trend developed when multiple contrasting colors were used. Now, wallpapers and textures rule our house walls, isn’t it?

But, I particularly like the idea of creative wall decors. It is in a way a reflection of our idea. A wall decor in a room is like representing the central idea or mood of the family. It is very innovative, lively and beautiful. While you’re investing in renovating your house or trying to give your house a fresh touch, wall decors should not be given a miss, be it in the living room, dining room, kitchen or the bedroom. You can implement the idea in any of these and give a trendy touch to your house and visitors will definitely love it.

I’ve hence brought you this post which will showcase all those in-trend ideas in wall decor which will not only enhance your room’s beauty but will also help you create better memories.

Best 5 ideas to spice up your wall decor


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  1. Wall Decor of Quotes

We all love quotes, isn’t it? Ok, I admit, I do a lot 🙂 But, on serious terms, inspirational, life and beauty quotes are a good idea for your living room and a beautiful set of different size quote frames is a great idea to make your room look vibrant and full of thoughts. Don’t think that it is only for the writers, anyone can opt for it.


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2. Wall stickers

They are brilliant and add a charm to your walls. Wall stickers are available in black-and-white and colorful 3D. One can paste them on one side of the wall to grab attention, giving a backdrop of contrasting color(s) or texture.


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3. Wallpapers

Who can deny the elegance of a wallpaper? They are available in plenty of styles and textures, and give a classy touch to your room.


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4. Craft DIYS, wall hangings and paintings

They are beautiful and if you’re artistic enough, try making one, or buying one is always an option. Dream catcher wall hangings, glass wall art, paintings, crafty art are so vibrant and raw. They definitely give a colorful appeal to your room.


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5. Photo Collage

Another amazing addition to your wall decor indeed! A photo collage of your best memories can lighten up your room. Try other variations like a family tree decal or a clock with frames decal to enhance the charm.

I hope you liked the ideas and are already planning to try out one for your room. If you have more such excellent ideas for home decor, do share in the comment section.

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