How To Build Your Own Daily Jewelry Wardrobe!

Life is too short to wear boring jewelry

I don’t think anyone of you may disagree to this, isn’t it? Simply because, girls and woman are always fascinated about adorning themselves with the best of jewelry which reflects their style and mood, yes?

But then we have a set of friends who are immensely fashionable and have a great knowledge on wearing the perfect jewelry every time they step out of the house and then we feel, how do they manage to convey themselves so beautifully, by their sense of jewelry style! Hasn’t it happened to all of us?

We usually think, what does it take to be smart, simple and beautiful, all at the same time, with jewelry? Is there any regime one must follow? Do such fashionistas just wake up in the morning and throw anything on them casually from the box, or are they more calculative about the same? Do they wear the same jewelry every day? How much jewelry do they actually own? How do they do it?

Here’s a tip! Firstly, we must carefully understand our style and accordingly, set up the basic jewelry essentials that we must possess for our daily use. It is indeed very simple and easy to become a style icon and doesn’t need much of our time, once we are clear about the basic must-haves in our jewelry box, clear?

Basically, we need to have sets of jewelry, which can go well on all of our dresses and then some extras to layer the basics on days, when we want to be more elegant than the usual.

What Jewelry essentials must every girl must have to form a Daily Jewelry Wardrobe?

  1. Simple yet elegant studs


Buy this Triangle Gold Stud for INR 250/- from Kraftly

2. Two delicate and exquisite necklaces of different lengths and thickness


Buy this Butterfly Pearl Pendant for INR 499/- from Kraftly

3. A Watch to be worn in the watch hand


Buy this Black and White Analog Watch for INR 299/- from Kraftly

4. Two rings of varied widths to be worn in the watch hand


Buy these rings for INR 199/- from Kraftly

5. Two simple and graceful bracelets of varied widths to be worn in the opposite hand and not the watch hand


Buy this bracelet for INR 990/- from Kraftly

6. Optional is to include two chunky bracelets to be worn as one each, in both the hands


Buy this Golden Cuff Bracelet for INR 499/- from Kraftly

So are we sorted about what must go into our Daily Jewelry Box? What’s your style? Do you have your own ideas? Why not share them with us?


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