How to buy sunglasses that suit your face! #Men

Not all accessories are essential for men, except for…

yes, you’re closer- The Sunglasses. It is not just a mandatory ritual to flaunt your glasses under the sun for eye-protection, but to also showcase your vanity and style. A women has an endless list when it comes to accessories, but most men would be suffice with just sunglasses, isn’t it?

While you choose yourself that right pair of sunglasses, you must remember that a lot of things need to be checked while you conclude your eternal pair. Factors like the shape of your face, hair style, personality and a lot more intricate details are needed to be counted. But hold on, when you’ve a comprehensive guide by @akatheversatile, why fear? I’ll help you in your search for that sunglasses that are exclusively made for you. So, let’s dive in!

The very first step is determining your face shape. It is because your face is the only feature which doesn’t change much while your hair or style might change. Ideally, you must take a dead-straight picture of your face on your mobile and outline the face area with lines to know your face shape.

Now that you’ve a fair idea about your face shape, let’s see what suits you the best, shall we?

How to choose sunglasses that suit your face


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  1. Square Face

Strong Jaw-line and wide cheekbones call for rounded or aviator style frames. You have stronger features, so the bigger, the better. Also, rectangular-shaped frames with softer edges goes well on such face types.


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2. Round Face

You’ve soft features and hence, a good definition of your face must be created. You can choose glasses which are slightly wider than your face to accentuate your features. Go for cat-eyes or angular frames.


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If you’ve an oval face, you’ve probably hit the bull’s eye! Since you have good features, almost any style of frame suits your face. Larger frames give more definition to your features and the best suited are round glasses, aviators, square frames and more.


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4. Square Face

You probably are gifted with strong features, so wearing anything with sharp edges is not recommended. Try wearing frames with softer or rounder edges.


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5. Diamond Face

Your defined chin and wide cheekbones’ face will look perfect with retro or rectangular frames with good detailing and strong colors. This will focus the attention on your eyes and give your face a perfect look.


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6. Heart-Shaped Face

The best style of frame suitable for this face type is rounder sunglasses which helps in balancing the wider forehead. Also, one can opt for frames that bottom-heavy or embellished at the bottom to give your face the required look.

How did you find the post? Was it helpful? Are you now able to determine the right sunglasses for your face? Share your sunglasses-buying experience with us or any thoughts about the post in the comment section.

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