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Having you own business means having a roller coaster ride. Your success delivered to someone else is  not at all jubilant, but success you get for your own work is far more satisfying. The journey is challenging with intense self-arising doubts, questions, de-motivation and anxiety. What gets things going is to never lose hope and have a self-belief. I have done an extensive research in this domain and wish to share them via this 3 min read blog -post.

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Let me be the first to inform that it is very rare that everything will work out the exact way you have planned it to be. There are many hurdles and setbacks you will face with the roller coaster ride. The key is to let of go of something and make sacrifices in the name of freedom.

Unrealistic expectations are what aspiring entrepreneurs live with and with this mindset one is in the path of failure. Studies eminently reveal that half of business fails within the first year itself .Entrepreneurship is never easy, so here are a few things to live and be an entrepreneur

Being Passionate not Influenced – If you are passionate about it, then it’s more likely that you will go through rough times with ease.

You are founder, think once again – Most of us won’t have the capital at first to hire a team and chances are you need to handle everything whether it is to be It specialist or a warden.

Setting goals and being disciplined – set realistic goals both for long and short term, write a vision. getting out of comfort zone is far more difficult for most – say goodbye to leave days there is no 9-5 hire , your work = your food here. Since you are being your own boss know yourself ,explore and tap your unknown potentials at  the same time one must not be disheartened,  since most of the time you earn, but earn lately , so have patience.

Whether you have decided to become an entrepreneur or not, always live a challenging life, in this process there are a lot of setbacks as mentioned earlier and there is lot of motivation required

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Need some motivation? – It is always beneficial to learn lessons from successful people, i keep this quotes at hand, I always glance at them and re realize my perspective. i get an instant boost of inspiration hope they will inspire you as well.


Find more quotes on –

My Personal favorite ted videos worth watching –


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Everything obtained easily is never worth

Lastly, the best advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is – to trust your instincts, be focused, have clear goals and never be afraid of taking risks, work smart rather than hard.

Your curiosity is not served still?  Craving for more, check my own blog for more opinions, case studies, As I say and belief be an smartpreneur!

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