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The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows…

… I read this quote a few days back at an Educational Institute and this empowering idea stayed with me. These words go beyond the very confines of its idea, as when they are met with reality, only a revolution follows. Talking about the institute where I read about this beautiful quote, I met this vibrant girl Iram who is a 12th pass student currently pursuing DMLT (Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology) from this Institute. When I began an informal chat with Iram on her idea of taking this course, she discussed on how, due to financial issues and her low grade in the medical entrance exams, she wasn’t able to take up the MBBS course, and there were high chances of her getting married, but instead she took this course and she discussed on how it changed her life.

Being a science enthusiast, she always wanted to bring a change in a people’s life and serve the society and with this course, she is able to learn on how to bring that to reality. In fact, she started sharing everything she learned through the course and how she excelled well at the course exams and about how, soon she would be getting a chance to be an intern at one of the finest hospitals in her area.

While we were conversing, that quote kept revolving in my head and I was thrilled to see a living example of it. It is indeed a blissful experience to understand how Education, proper Education can turn a mirror to window.

A few moments later, after Iram left, another student from the Institute was invited to converse with me. This time, it was Ritesh from the Automobiles Course. A school dropout, he hailed from a poor family. Since his parents couldn’t afford his higher education, he did a few odd jobs to enroll himself for the Automobiles Course at this institute. He always had this passion for cars and wanted to design his very own customized vehicles. When he talked about how at an age of merely 18 years, he understands the difference between vintage and other cars, and how he works as an intern at a reputed company like Maruti Suzuki, I was not less inspired. To top that, I was shocked to know that though he did his schooling from a vernacular medium, his attitude and way of talking seemed quite decent. But, thanks to the grooming sessions by this institute, he was able to find what he excels in.

There are many his age who have dreams, but due to this constant fear that talent alone can’t buy them success, they lose on it and the passion to be different and lead a content life. Unfortunately girls are married at a younger age and are not provided the necessary education and confidence. But what this institute has done to these kids, makes me swell with pride and happiness, because each one of them are like confident stars of their lives. I’m glad this institute worked like a sculptor to shape their futures into a better one.

Everybody is unique and anybody can achieve anything in their life, but very less people understand this. CEDP (the institute I have been talking about all this while) has come forward with a host of educational courses, meant for anyone as low as a school dropout to a graduate, to furnish their skills and make a life out of it. Nothing can be more noble than that. I’m glad they tried to turn those mirrors into windows. And mind you, they are still in progress.

CEDP Skill Institute is a Government Recognized Education Institution which provides a number of courses ranging from Paramedicals, Automotive, Hotel Management, Industrial Safety to Civil Engineering, among others and can be addressed by students who are school dropouts to under-graduates and graduates in any stream of education.

Check this below video for a more better understanding of CEDP Skill Institute

Among the many courses, CEDP has to offer, I would like to elaborate on a few-

  1. DMLT (Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology)

– a course of 2 years, comprising of 6 months theory and 18 months Internship, mostly in private hospitals, with stipend
– Any student varying from a school dropout to under-graduates and graduates from any stream, best for students from the science stream
– On conversing with one of the professors of DMLT, she discussed on how noble this profession is and students have a wide scope of professionalism in the future and they can also opt for BMLT and ADMLT for more finesse in the profession.

2. Nursing / OT
– a course of 1.5 years, best for under-graduates of any stream and an additional 2 months course for students excluding science stream to better educate them about the scientific terms
– A passout of this course can handle and manage wards and HBOTs

3. Automobiles

– a course of 1 year comprising of 6 months theory and 6 months internship (stipend included) with the best in automobile industries.
– A pass-out of this course can work with automobile companies or build their own garage or workplace.

4. Hotel Management
– a course of 1 year comprising of 6 months theory and 6 months internship with a stipend.
– a pass-out of this course can work with the top hotels globally.
– CEDP has a tie with clients in Singapore, India and UAE.

There are other courses like Diploma in Industrial Safety, Certificate course in Occupational Safety and Health (C-COSH, Online Marketing Management, Solar Energy, Certificate in Financial Accounting, Certificate in Graphology, Certificate in Fire Prevention & Emergency Planning and Diploma in Cosmetology, among many others.

A short testimonial video of Students from the Automobiles Course at CEDP

@akatheversatile reviews CEDP Skill Institute


I give it a 5/5 as the ambiance at the centre was very energetic and lively. The best part of the course was the Internship for students and a 6-month long theory and exams, as this way, the students will get a complete know-how of the Industry and how it functions, so they have lesser difficulties in getting placements, which is again taken care of by the Institute. Students are taken to Camps and Industrial Visits during the duration of the course to give them a more hands-on experience.

Apart from that, there is a weekly Grooming session which helps in Personality Development of the students, irrespective of their courses.

I recommend CEDP to anyone and everyone, as it helps in building a future for those who have skills.


Do you like these CEDP courses? Which one do you like the most? Share your thoughts in the comment section.


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