Dr. Fixit recommends timely diagnosis and Expert solutions for Building a Healthy Society

Home…. this is our happy place.

Indeed, the abode of happiness and warmth, the feeling of familiarity and the reflection of our ideas and thoughts, that’s what I call my home! And just how we wish to spend the rest of our lives at a place which never forgets to welcome us with mirth and gives us the confined care when we are down or weak, our beautiful homes also need maintenance and care, agreed?


Recently, I attended a Bloggers’ Meet organized by Dr. Fixit on February 24, 2017, which is the one-stop-solution for all our home maintenance needs and the answer to our healthy society qualms. The theme of the meet was to encourage timely diagnosis and expert solutions for building a healthy society.

We were exposed to an alarming fact that with 50,000+ co-operative societies in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region, only 10% structures undergo structural audit. According to CA Ramesh Prabhu, Chairmam, MSWA, out of these Co-operative Housing Societies in Mumbai, around 15,000-16,000 urgently need repairs and the primary challenge is to make the citizens aware about the importance of buildings being kept healthy.

With the vision and endeavor to promote CHS members into initiating timely structural audits and repairs, Dr. Fixit from the House of Pidilite- the Waterproofing Expert has launched an initiative which focuses on “Building a Healthy society” by raising awareness about the need of timely planning of repairs along with right diagnosis and expert solutions for the surface area. Dr. Fixit helps in conducting the right diagnosis which helps in building healthy societies and thus solve problems faced by homeowners such as dampness and leakages. 


What are the possible reasons for Building Collapses?

Sub-standard construction practices, water leakage in homes and over-enthusiastic renovations by society members often lead to structural damages in a building. Our society needs to be aware that our buildings need maintenance and that it is necessary to address the early signs of deterioration to the structures. Water seepage causes corrosion, distress, breaks the marriage of the concrete to the steel and that weakens the structure.

~~~ Ashish Prasad, Chief Operating Officer, Constuction Chemicals, Pidilite Industries Ltd.


How can Dr. Fixit help us address issues of Structural Audit & Repairs for CHS in Mumbai?

Dr. Fixit, being a waterproofing expert provides end to end repairs and waterproofing solutions along with the right diagnosis of the problem. Building maintenance requires the right diagnostic tools and the right technical know-how. We provide unique specialized solutions for each surface area as one solution cannot fit all of them.

  • altering the conventional systems completely and bring about a revolutionary change in current practices
  • creating awareness about the importance of modern construction techniques and materials
  • using expert remedial measures, mental agony and financial loss can be avoided in the long term
  • being one of the effective pathways to alleviate India of building collapses- a problem that has plagued the nation since quite a few years
  • providing innovative surface wise waterproofing solutions which offers the benefits of good aesthetics and keeps the building safe from any possible leakages as well
  • offers a respite from the heat in summers
  • offering innovative products that assist in perfect waterproofing for a long lasting structure like Dr. Fixit Newcoat, Dampguard, Raincoat & its specialist range of Structural Repair products.

My Waterproofing Experience & how Dr. Fixit is the one-stop-solution for all technical services

Our housing society is almost 10+ years old and there are cracks on the external walls of the building through which the rainwater seeps inside the house and ruins the interior walls. The members of the society always had a tough time finding a concrete solution for the same during late summers and monsoons.

Through the Dr. Fixit Meet that I attended, apart from the many queries on Waterproofing solutions, the answer to my query was also provided.

They explained that if  the cracks are small, then there is no problem with the structure and a flexible crackfilling compound, Dr. Fixit CrackX can be used for the same. It is a ready to use water based acrylic crack filler which seals the crack up to 5 mm. And if the cracks are more than 5 mm, then they have a non-shrink crack filler called the Dr. Fixit CrackX Shrinkfree. After 24 hours of its application, painting can be done and unlike cement which permits seepage, Dr. Fixit CrackX is waterproof and ideal for small cracks.

You can also check their Tech Services feature which provides Live Support.


The Dr. Fixit Bloggers’ Meet

The Dr. Fixit Bloggers’ Meet was organized at the Adfactors PR, Lower Parel, Mumbai and the ambiance was pleasant and we were greeted with like-minded lifestyle bloggers and esteemed Panelists- Mr. (CA) Ramesh Prabhu [Chairman of Maharashtra Society Welfare Association (MSWA)], Mr. Pankaj Shah [Repair and Structural Consultant], Dr. Prakash Mathur [Director, Dr. Fixit Institute] and Kanika Bawa [Celebrity Architect & Installation Artist].

The event comprised of networking and games, one being the building of Jenga Tower where we needed to build the tallest structure possible within a minute’s time. Ours fell when we tried to build it with a weak foundation. It taught us an essential lesson that a good and strong structure can withstand any height and is durable. The entire session was knowledgeable and intriguing.


I hope you consider Dr. Fixit’s Solutions for your building repairs and keep your beautiful home filled with all your memories. Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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