Best Tips To Flaunt Your Sarees At Work

Wearing a saree is an ethnic tradition of Indian women. Sarees are worn at all different occasions like parties, wedding, and festivals and even to work. But, these days this tradition of wearing a sari to work has almost faded in the urban cities. Even these days saree is considered a usual outfit for women in many parts of Indian and Bangladesh. Unfortunately, busy time schedule and loads of daily activities make it difficult for ladies to wear this 6 yards garment known as “saree”. Also, many modern women avoid wearing saree for the misconception that they don’t look trendy and modern and thus can’t be worn to the office. Generally, Women associate wearing a sarees to some big occasions like parties, weddings, or religious and not as a daily regular office.

Thus, wearing a sarees to formal events or office tradition is nearly lost. But, few group of women in Indian and even abroad have still kept this tradition afloat.

Lady in a saree for office looks proper, groomed, prim and classy. It’s the simplicity sarees that makes anyone look extra elegant.


Here are Best Tips to Flaunt Your Sarees at Work

How to wear saree in the corporate world?

Type of Saree for Work or Office Wear

We aren’t talking about chiffon saree or any embellished saree here. Best Type of Saree for Work or Office Wear has to be simple like cotton sarees, cotton silk sarees, khadi sarees, raw silk sarees, Designer Sarees with quirky prints,  faux georgette sarees in prints and solid colors. Make sure they are Comfortable for your regular and long working hours. Soft a sober materials are best suitable for work for its comfortability & visual adequacy.

Type of Blouse for Work or Office Wear

After selecting a saree for office wear this is the basic question that heads over to one’s mind. As Formal sarees for formal events or work look sophisticated and elegant, they even add more when paired up with buttoned up the front neckline, high collared neckline, three-quarter /full length sleeved saree blouse. Sleeveless saree blouses are acceptable too but must be worn with elegance to achieve a proper corporate saree look. Avoid spaghetti strapped blouses for office or any corporate events or office.

Prints with caution

Don’t let your saree leave a wrong impression by wearing something in bad or too bold prints that isn’t acceptable at work.  Saree can surely be very exciting and versatile attire in the soberest way.


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