Tea Culture of the World: Review

Where there’s tea, there is hope, freshness..

.. I am a beverage lover and though the world is a lot more gaga over coffee (me being one among them :P), tea is something I have more often than the occasional coffee brews. It is because Tea is a beverage I have been addicted to, since childhood. My day cannot move seamlessly without 2 cups of tea, everyday. And if suppose, I miss my tea time, I get so restless. I agree, just any tea lover would agree with me, isn’t it?


Tea denotes freshness, dawn and relaxation for me. I enjoy the time when I relax and calm myself from the hush hush of everyday life and indulge into a few sips of calming goodness. The taste and layers of warmth in a tea could transform one into an euphoria of freshness and calmness.


Recently, I was mailed a beautifully curated hamper of Tea goodies by Tea Culture of the World which goes by the tagline, “Exotic Whole leaf tea”.


Brewed with a consummate does of passion, Tea Culture of the World endeavors to provide antidotes to hectic urban lifestyles and create a healthy and stimulating culture with the help of a refreshing cup of tea – which comes in myriad varieties like White Tea, Green Tea, Black Tea, Oolong, Floral, Rooibos. Mate and exclusive blends like Rose Romance, Strawberry Farm, Apple Cinnamon duet. Lemon Verbana, Fruit Bliss, Calming Chamomile, Kashmiri Kahwa, Mango Mania and many more. The products of TCW has received huge acceptability in the market with sales increasing 5 times over the years.

The tea hamper by TCW came in a beautiful packaging of wooden box which gave the feel of Old boxes that our grannies used to store the different spices. The box had a beautiful intro card which described the various tea packets I had received and then I opened it further to see 8 different tea varieties stored in the box in sections. There were 4 sample packs of each variety packed in a matte finish packet.

The tea samples I received are,

Rooibos: South African tea with a sweet taste and smooth texture
Imperial White: Delicious white tea with a delicate jasmine flavour
Detox: A healthy brew that can work wonders for our dogestive and immune systems
Masala Chai: A strong, earthy blend of handpicked spices and tea leaves
Oolong: The famed Oolong from Fujian province of China
Green Tea: Darjeeling green tea from West Bengal, India that has a muscatel spiciness
Lemon Mojito: A soothing blend with notes of citrus and mint
Flowery Bouquet: A delicate blend of green tea, rose petals, hibiscus and licorice root.

How I liked the brews by Tea Culture of the World?

I loved the packaging, the selection of tea leaves and the way they were stored. The moment I opened the package, a mix of flavors filled my entire house, which showed how fresh and aromatic the tea leaves are. It seemed as if I was sitting in a Tea garden, plucking tea leaves. Next, I loved how they have managed to keep the wholeness of the tea leaves intact, thus ensuring that the taste is achieved wholly. Each blend is so perfectly and meticulously designed which only gives more richness and texture to the flavors. I have tried out each blend and they were a delight to the tongue and aromatic to the soul. I was lost into a different world and the best I liked were Masala Chai, Lemon Mojito, Flowery Bouquet and Imperial White. They are a perfect match to my taste buds and I plan to buy more of it.

Will I recommend Tea Culture of the World?

Definitely YES! I would wholeheartedly recommend it to all my readers, friends, followers and family alike. It is a must try for all Tea-lovers and those who wish to stay stress-free (who doesn’t) as every tea blend is a freshness to the soul.

You can read more about the various blends and how to buy them, here

Are you a tea lover? Which is your favorite blend? Do you plan to try out Tea Culture of the World? Have you tried it out already? Share your thoughts, ideas and views in the comment section.


4 thoughts on “Tea Culture of the World: Review

  1. I didn’t know Lemon Mojito is deemed tea. Thanks for teaching me something new, Amreen. Despite not being a tea-lover per se (my near and dear have gulped, slurped and sipped the conventional “Indian” masala chai till date) whose “aroma” always ruffled me.
    I will be trying green tea and may shift to some other if the taste turns out to be horrendous 😁



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