Rateral- Question-Answer community for online shopping lovers: Review

“Shopping is the only time when I am the most confused…

… is the story of everyone, isn’t it? I’m one such person who is always into a dilemma while buying a product. With eCommerce sites raging in full speed, online shopping is the new resort and synonym to shopping. But, how can we decide or conclude on buying a product which we haven’t seen, touched or used before? Difficult no?

Also, many a times it has happened with me when I bought a product online sensing it has the best colors or quality and was dissappointed big time when I saw them for real. I did get the money back for returning them, but that’s also a long procedure and we also feel disheartened to not get what we see. We all must have been through this phase, atleast for once, in the era of Online Shoppingm, agree?

Recently, I stumbled on this wonderful online community called Rateral, which when I used was like my ultimate resort to: when in doubt, go Rateral!

So what’s Rateral? Well, as already mentioned, we all have gone through shopping dilemmas and been doubtful whether or not to buy a product which you haven’t used even once. That’s when Rateral comes into picture. It is an online question-answer community for online shopping lovers. First time buyers can post their questions on Rateral.com to get answers and recommendations to their queries relating to any product or service online and the experienced buyers could share their experience where they even have an option to insert their affiliate link at the end of their answer.


How beneficial is Rateral?

This is the first best online question-answer portal for online shopping lovers community around the world, as it bridges the gap between first-time buyers and experienced ones. It is beneficial in many ways.
The first time user can get a clear idea of a product or service before using the product. Thus, helping them to reduce or eliminate their shopping dilemma. This way, the first time user can easily understand the product well and decide on whether they wish to buy the product or not.
The Experienced user gets the peace of helping the first time buyers, firstly, and secondly, they also get the opportunity to insert their affiliate links at the end of the suggestion, where they get a chance to earn money, thus increasing their chance to monetary opportunities.

How can one register or sign up with Rateral?

One can either go for a full-form signup or either a quick signup with Facebook or Google which saves a lot of time.

So, my final verdict on Rateral

I have signed up with Rateral and have found it quite useful in a few of my shopping dilemmas. Also, I recommend it highly, to all the shopping lovers as it helps save their time on deciding to buy a product or service and so does it benefit the experienced ones to help someone and also earn some money through affiliates.

Are you shopping lover? Have you faced dilemma or confusion while buying a product in the past? Why not try Rateral and experience it for yourself? Share your views in the comment section.


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