Bosch Dishwasher: Review

Household chores are never-ending…

…isn’t it? It is a part and parcel in a women’s life and how much ever alternatives you bring forth, it is something, we ladies cannot ignore to do, agree?

Well, we do have house maids to ease the pain of doing the household chores like cleaning the utensils, brooming and mopping the house, but they are also humans after all and have holidays! Thus, maids have also tend to become a less better option to clean the house these days as they have their set of tantrums to everything.

Out of all the household chores, the most annoying to do is the utensil cleaning. One can still go without brooming or mopping for a day, but cleaning the utensils is indispensable! Even for the most slightest of cooking in the kitchen, be it an omelette making, a number of utensils are needed and with that, a lot of cleaning. I have this habit of cleaning the entire kitchen table even if I cook my breakfast as I don’t like keeping my kitchen table cluttered and messy.

My mom has this usual saying for the utensil cleaning at our place. Whenever the maid would look at us with a face of disgust after she would see the pile of utensils in the sink, my mom would tell her that we are prosperous in terms of utensil cleaning and then to keep the maid happy, she would even offer her lunch or a cup of tea in the afternoon.

I always wondered if there is any better alternative to cleaning the utensils with the best of features, if at all, and…

…recently, I got this opportunity to visit the demo of Bosch Dishwasher at their Andheri office. It has an appearance like that of a Washing Machine. Bosch Dishwasher is backed by German engineering and when I will tell you about its features and functions, you would instantly start loving it!


What are the features of Bosch Dishwasher?

  • has a sleek design and can fit easily in any corner of the kitchen and be accessible.
  • comes with two horizontal compartments, like that in a modular kitchen, to place the utensils ranging from pots, pans, vessels, cooker, cups, saucers, plates, glassware
  • designed to place any form of utensil
  • has a special basket for cutlery
  • made with the best of metal to withstand rusting
  • special place to insert the soaps and salts involved
  • menu panel with timer options to customize our needs related to dish-washing
  • inlet and outlet pipes for water purpose

Why Bosch Dishwasher?

  • One need not worry about pre-rinsing the utensils before the dish wash, as it is equipped with the best of technology to even clean the greasiest utensils. We only need to remove any left-over food that’s contained in the utensil.
  • It has special salts and soaps like salt, detergent and rinse aid to use, which are needed in reasonable quantities, thus saving a lot of money spent on the best of cleaning soaps. They help in reducing the water hardness, washing the utensils clean and removing any water spots that the vessel may carry after wash, respectively.
  • It cleans the utensils like none as they are washed under hot water up to 70 C thus killing 99.9% germs
  • The timer options can be set as per our needs with temperature and time, like if the utensils are very dirty and greasy, the timer must be set accordingly and for normal wash, it should be set for a lesser time.
  • It also comes with a silent mode which cleans the utensils without making a sound.
  • It consumes just 10-20 litres of water per wash, which is just one bucket of water, thus water saving
  • It consumes approx 1 kW of energy per wash, thus saving a lot of energy and not affecting our electricity bills


The dishwasher though, requires the essential salts and detergents to start off and cannot load copper, aluminium and non-stick vessels.

Watch a quick demo of the Dishwasher to see how it really works!

After watching the demo and the entire features of the product, first hand, I strongly believe it as the best solution to dish washing and recommend it to everyone, to ease their time in household cleaning and have an #EasyLifeWithDishwashers


I am blogging about my #EasyLifeWithDishwashers experience at BlogAdda in association with Bosch.

Have you used a dishwasher before? What has been your experience? Share your views in the comment section.


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