The newest way to sell your old mobile phones & laptops:

In today’s scenario, when we talk about old gadgets, be it mobile phones or laptops, we have a new series or edition coming up every now and then. Till recently, I was using Acer Aspire Core i3 laptop and I had bought it in my 3rd year in degree for my Software Project purpose. That laptop has been taken good care of, by me and hence it stayed with me for a good 6 years’ time. Not to forget how, after almost 3 years, I had to format my laptop so that it could function properly, every 6-8 months.

My laptop has given me hard days since last year. It used to behave weird, the applications would turn on and off, on their own and when I used to write my blogs, it would simply delete the words or the cursor would move up and down. For a few days, I felt that my laptop was possessed by some virus or to make it worse, by worms. But, when I gave it for service, it was the keyboard that was the main culprit. I got it changed and again after a few months, the same thing happened and I changed it again.

But, this keyboard weirdness didn’t stop and for the third time, I was facing this issue. I used to be in sweats when I had to write a blog, or submit an article, as it would take me hours to complete a petty task and sometimes, I even took to my phone to write a few articles. My mom was the witness of my bad days then. And I decided that this time, I am not doing any good for my laptop, but to simply sell it and buy a new one.

We completely understand how selling a laptop is one big task, because, however, lucrative offers the electronics store provides us with, they tend to always give us scrap price for our oldies. That’s what happened with my laptop. I went with high hopes to a reputed Electronics’ Store, hoping and wishing that I would at least get eight to ten thousand for my laptop and then I would buy myself a new one on EMI. I did mention the Sales guy that the laptop has only keyboard issue, else it is completely working fine, but to my surprise, he gave me an offer of three thousand for my oldie and I had to simply take my laptop back from him. No questions asked, no answers given!

I had to slow down on my writing activity for a few weeks and doing the pending work on my mobile phone was a nightmare, but I had to experience this, courtesy my oldie. At times, I would switch on my laptop and wish that out of nowhere, it could work fine, but then the keyboard buttons stopped working and I had to copy paste them from the already written words and work. Then suddenly, the functional buttons also stopped working and my laptop didn’t seem less than a paralyzed being. Imagine the efforts I took to do even the simplest task on my laptop and the funny part is my parents who would distance themselves from me when I used my laptop as they knew how cranky I would become then.

Then, I decided to sell it on OLX and took a few pictures of my laptop, hence. I then posted an advertisement on OLX and hoped for a good offer. I did receive a few requests, but then again, they had a lot to bargain on, and I deleted the advertisement.

All heartbroken, I decided to simply sell it at whatever price I get and buy a new one on EMI. My confidence was lost and I was just looking forward to the slightest ray of sunshine in my life. This time, I went to Croma and regardless of how Acer has been to me these many months, I still decided to buy another Acer because it was affordable and reliable. Luckily, this time, the sales guy wasn’t demeaning and he offered me six thousand for my oldie and I finally bought myself a new Acer Aspire E5 7th Generation laptop and pretty happy with the new one.

You know what’s sadder? I recently stumbled on this awesome site which is one of the simplest ways to sell our old mobile phones or laptops online instantly at the best prices, in cash. Get an Instant Quote, Assured Sale, Hassle-free Doorstep Pickup and On spot payment for your old devices. In simple words, #CleanUpCashOut with Cashify!

Wish I would have found it a bit earlier and all this hassle wouldn’t have taken place, phew!

Check out this video to know how Cashify works and don’t go the long way for selling your old gadgets, simply Cashify!

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