5 Reasons Why Bloggers Should Use VPNs


A Virtual Private Network, usually called VPN to make it shorter, is a common tool among cybersecurity adepts that are also becoming popular for common internet users. Although this isn’t really surprising given all the appliances, it has and benefits it adds to a person’s everyday web browsing activities.

If you’re not familiar with them, you should at least have an idea of how they work: VPNs are, in short words, a big set of servers that have been networked using internet connections. When a user of the network establishes a connection with one of these servers, all their internet traffic got encrypted and rerouted through the VPN server, which protects user data from eavesdroppers.

Many bloggers have started adopting VPNs as a standard tool for their job, and you might be wondering why given they are not precisely something that will directly earn them more readers or improve the quality of the content they create. The truth is that bloggers are among the people who have more reasons to use VPNs on a regular basis, here are some of them:

Safe Communications

Good VPNs ensure that all your internet traffic is always protected from the prying eyes of eavesdroppers. This is particularly convenient if you are a blogger who is constantly handling sensitive data or if you want to communicate with important sources in a safe manner. Robust VPN services even let you set up anonymous emailing clients and download torrents anonymously without reducing your bandwidth.

Access to Blocked Content

Many digital streaming services have adopted policies that block certain parts of their content catalog depending on the region it is being accessed. This happens for a number of reasons, but most of them don’t really justify the act of imposing a restriction on content that you have already paid for.
However, it’s already become quite common among users of these streaming services to use VPNs to bypass this kind of geo-restrictions. This is possible because most VPNs have servers located in many countries where the content isn’t blocked and using these servers to access the streaming service effectively fools their system into thinking you’re accessing from the server’s location.

Security over Public Networks


It’s uncommon these days for a blogger to produce content only when at home. That would, in fact, be considered as a waste of potential unjustifiable in the smartphone era. Still, serious blogging outside of your house will most likely require you to have a stable internet connection, so it’s only expected that you might end up connecting to a public network every now and then.
You may already know this but connecting to unprotected Wi-Fi networks is one of the least safe things you can do as an internet user. Now, connecting to them using a VPN at least protects all your device’s traffic from anyone who might be snooping the network’s activity.

Bypassing Government Censorship

Many countries around the world like China, Venezuela, and Pakistan have very strict regulations on internet usage inside their territory. VPNs are a great way of escaping their censorship and restrictions for bloggers who are visiting or living in one of such places. What’s more, thanks to the fact that they protect their users’ private information, they can also help them escape government surveillance that could lead to major legal issues. VPNs are undoubtedly an ally of free speech, which makes them an ally of bloggers as well.

Comfortable Traveling


The fact that with the help of a VPN you can access sites as if you were in a place completely different from your actual location also means you can log in traveling websites as if you were a local and obtain benefits that you wouldn’t normally be able to have access to. This is particularly convenient if you’re visiting a place with very tight restrictions on internet usage and can help you enjoy your trip without having to put limitations on the content you share.

More Reasons to Use VPN

Whether you’re a blogger or not, it is more than clear that VPNs have a very great potential when it comes to protecting your privacy. Many governments around the globe are known to be performing surveillance in every connection they can, and several companies are openly tracking almost all of the traffic that hits popular websites and profiling you to sell your personal info to advertisers.

While it all may sound paranoid at first, protecting your private information is your responsibility, not anyone else’s. As reported by vpnalert.com. proficient VPNs like NordVPN, provide you with all the right tools to escape this environment where it seems that people have forgotten that privacy is one of the most valuable assets a person can have. It’s up to you to take a stance against such a situation.

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