Mamaearth Anti Hair Fall Kit: Review

Gorgeous hair is the best revenge..

..indeed! With a number of factors like pollution, sun, heat, humidity, stress, work pressure, inadequate food and more, we tend to face hair fall problems. None in their life could say that at least for once, they never experienced hair fall issues, isn’t it?

We have a lot of hair care products available in the market which claims them to provide ultimate solution to hair fall menace, but none gives complete solution. In fact, they tend to damage the hair more.

Then what can be one such product that can help in providing hair fall remedy?

Fret not! I was recently sent the Mamaearth Anti Hair Fall Kit to help solve my hair fall problem. As you all must be knowing that I have been using this brand since quite some time and how effective the products are. Hence, this time when the kit claims that all our hair fall problems can end within 6 weeks of usage, I sort of believed. But that didn’t mean that I completely put my trust, because we can only know when we try.

The Mamaearth Anti Hair Fall Kit contains 4 products and says that following a 4 step procedure, we can combat the hair fall problem. The contents are Hair oil, Happy Heads Shampoo, No more tangles Conditioner and lastly, the Pro Tonic for hair growth. This kit, as they say, is the ultimate hair fall treatment.

  • First step in the kit is using the oil a day or hours before hairwash. Massaging the hair with the hair oil to the roots helps in nourishing the hair.
  • Next step is to use the hair fall shampoo which prevents hair fall and provides hair fall solution.
  • Next, apply the hair conditioner at the tips of the hair to prevent breakage and tangles in the hair, which are one of the hair fall reasons.
  • Lastly, use the Pro tonic for growth which strengthens the hair, improves hair quality, promotes hair growth and prevents hair fall.

I have been using the kit since a week’s time and it has been effective. The hair quality is improved, hair is less frizzy and breakage is less. Overall, it has proven successful for me. I will continue using it in the future as well, as it is a worthy product and coming from a brand like Mamaearth, I would say, this is another successful entity by them. Thus, I would recommend it to my readers and followers who are facing hair fall problems to use this Mamaearth Anti Hair Fall Kit.

Do you have hair fall problems? Have you tried Mamaearth Anti Hair Fall Kit? No? Try it now and share your views and opinions in the comment section.


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