Vicell Planew Review: Week #2

..and here comes week 2 of Planew…

…as discussed in the previous blog on how Vicell Planew is a healthy option for a healthy gut and stomach, and a brief introduction of the product, let’s dive more into it.

I absolutely loved what Vicell Planew claims but since it’s a refreshing notion, many tend to hesitate while using it. Yet, I planned to try it as I, like every other busy individual have stomach issues and bowel problems. 

Vicell Planew comes in pill form and enclosed within a stick packaging, hence, it’s easy to consume the pills and also keep track of daily usage. I’d suggest one to consume it in slow intervals every time, as there are many pills in a stick and it has to be consumed all at once. Thus, consumption of lots of water is recommended. 

Detailed Bifurcation of Each Vicell Planew Pill

  • Each Vicell Planew Pill has 4 combinations- Prebiotic, Probiotic, Fermented Materials and Beauty Materials.
  • Further, Probiotic has Lactis, Plantarum JSA22, Acidophilus, Infantis and Casei. Prebiotic has Dietary fibers. Beauty Materials had herbs, and Fermented Materials has Metabolites (Lactic acid and Bacteriocins)
  • Vicell Planew aims to help in Diarrhea, Irregular Bowel Syndrome and Constipation.

I’d also like to share a detailed infographic of how each Micro capsule is comprised of health promoting elements, which not only nurtures health but also improves the overall well-being.

How to consume Vicell Planew?

As mentioned earlier, I have been consuming each stick twice a day with more than one glass of water and particularly after breakfast and dinner respectively. 

Has it benefited me?

I cannot give a full-fledged YES until I try it for an entire month and see my health improving but I could easily experience good metabolism and also renewed energy within. Apart from that, I can also experience hunger which tends to encourage more eating, where I switch to fruits and juices. Thus, I am becoming more prone to a healthy and wise lifestyle than before. 

Stay tuned with me for the last review coming up soon in the end of November, 2017 as I give the final verdict on Vicell Planew.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you experience Irregular Bowel movements? What do you do in that case? Are you glued to this series? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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