Why I chose Mother Sparsh Baby Water-based Wipes for kids!

A baby is a pure soul and so is their skin. A simple touch on a newborn is not just naïve and soft, but also so blissful and enticing. A baby’s skin is no less than a feather- soft and velvety, isn’t it? I’m sure, you would answer in the affirmative!

Little Zaki- my nephew is an adorable kid otherwise, but when it comes to being filthy and dirty, he simply dislikes it. He gets super cranky and clumsy. That not only affects his mood but that of everyone in the house. Babies are generally irritable about dirtiness and hence, they show their disliking through their clumsy behaviour. Who would like to see the purest of the souls in this way, no one, indeed!

To be at rescue in such situations is clean water. Bathing the babies regularly with clean water and wiping their hands and legs whenever they have eaten or excreted is the best practise to rid them of filth and dirt. But, continually cleaning them with water, simply is not the answer. It wouldn’t give complete protection from germs and also, babies may contract cold. So what could be the best alternative to cleanliness?

Well, Baby Wipes is the answer. From wiping their hands and legs after eating to cleaning during their nappy changing sessions, to even cleaning their face, wipes are the ultimate hero for kids. But not all wipes are the best as many baby centric wipes contain paraben and other synthetic ingredients which tend to take away moisture from their skin and makes them harsh and itchy. 

How to select the best wipe for a baby?

  • Make sure, it comes from a trusted brand
  • Check the ingredient used in making the wipes
  • See if it is economically priced


Well, I have a much simpler answer ! Use Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes for kids. You may ask why?

Well that, scroll down to read it’s benefits:

  • First off, Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes are made up of 98% water and 100% biodegradable fabric, thus it is gentle on baby’s skin and moisturizes it to retain its purity.
  • Secondly, it is alcohol and paraben free, thus we are aware that the wipes are not going to affect the baby in a negative way, instead, it is completely reliable and trustworthy.
  • Thirdly, it has a great packaging which allows to keep the moisture and quality of the wipes, intact, thus we can also carry it while travelling and thus it is mobile in terms of usage.
  • Next, it is dermatologically tested and proven by the doctors, and
  • Lastly, it is cost effective and safe to the environment.
  • Isn’t that enough to decide about why Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes are the best and most reliable baby wipes? 

We have been using it for Zaki and he loves the mild aroma of the wipes and his crankiness stays away when he is regularly cleaned by Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes.
Have you tried it out? If not, buy it now and share your experience of using it in the Comment’s Section.

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