My Baby Is Smiling Now – I Have A Solution For Her Blocked Nose

“Oh no! Not again!!”




..I guess this is the inner cry of every mother out there. How beautiful is the feeling to give birth to a life, which can be a positive change in this world, isn’t it? One cannot deny the fact that Motherhood is one of the best experiences of life, but with it comes a plethora of responsibilities, agree? A newborn is naive and can only express their discomfort through the medium of crying. Usually, parents are unable to gauge the reason behind the crankiness of the child, but with time, we understand how to deal with baby-related issues. This is mostly experienced by new parents as everything is new for them.

I still remember how my one-year old niece used to behave when she was a newborn. I guess our little munchkin was the most crankiest kids I had ever seen. She used to cry even at the sight of relatives and guests. That was a difficult phase for everyone at home and aunt was at the edge of depression while handling her tantrums.


Aizah was only close to a few of us- Aunt, me and Daadi. She would smile at us and even grin at times and looked so beautiful then. Once Aunt was feeding her and after a couple of morsels, she started to cough hard and after a while, vomited everything that she’d eaten. Her eyes were swelling with tears and redness, and the sight was unbearable. I felt immensely bad for her as we didn’t knew what made her cough so much and after that, she did not eat even a single piece of food the entire night and the next morning, she got weak. and had fever We had to take her to the Pediatrician, who told us that she was having infection and a blocked nose due to internal fever, which made her vomit the food.

We were clueless as to how can a blocked nose be the reason behind her not eating food? That’s when the doctor told us that babies in the first few months of their life are obligatory nose breathers, and hence, since her mouth was stuffed with food, she had no option to allow for her breathing, which made her vomit. This information shook us. The little baby was in so much of discomfort and hence, she wasn’t able to consume anything.


The doctor also explained us that Nasal Congestion could be the reason for sleep deprivation and crankiness as it hinders them from sleeping peacefully and due to lack of sleep, they become cranky. This answered a lot of our questions. Doctor suggested us to use Nasivion Nose Drops which indeed was a lifesaver. Aizah’s clogged nose was history and her health improved a lot after this incident.

Now that I also have this piece of information on blocked nose, it could be of so much help when we have a kid and Nasivion is the simplest answer to cure it.

You must consult your doctor in regards to the dosage prior to usage. Nasivion Nasal Saline Solution being the first line of treatment, as it is safe and can be used by anyone. If the problem is aggravated then after consulting the doctor, one can opt for Nasivion (Mini) Baby Nose Drops or Nasivion Pediatric (Child) Nose drops depending on the age of the child.

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