6 ways to style your Tissura Scarf

Accessories are an integral part of our fashion and style, isn’t it? They not only enhance and accentuate our style sense, but also gives layering and comfort. One of the most indispensable part of my fashion accessory is a scarf. Scarves are available in various textures and fabrics and each has a different way of styling them. Simply wearing it like the age-old scarf is passe now and one should try out different ways of styling their scarves to create a fashion and style appeal.

Before we could delve into the innumerable ways by which we can style our scarves, let me share with you all about my latest online finds. You MUST check this brand out as it has an array of fabrics and varied accessories. Tissura is a global network of fashion fabric shops and showrooms located in Hong Kong and major Russian cities. Established in 1998, the company has gained a strong leadership on the local market, and has been partnering with Solstiss for almost 20 years. On a global scale, Tissura is renowned for its online shop tissura.com, where the world’s greatest textile chef-d’oeuvres from France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Belgium can be ordered for shipping to any part of the world.

Isn’t Tissura an online place worth checking out? Well, I stumbled upon their scarves’ section and indulged in their freshness for hours. Tissura is definitely addictive in terms of online shopping as they have a plethora of fabric materials and fabric accessories, which one cannot generally find otherwise. In the scarves’ section, they have fabric material like silk, silk and wool, cashmere and silk, modal and cashmere, and the list goes on.


6 ways to style your scarf

  1. The Necklace Style

In this scarf style, one has to fold the scarf into half. Then hold the diagonal ends and knot them together. After this, put it over your neck and then twist it and loop it again. Simple!

2. Double sided twist Style

In this type of scarf styling, one has to make use of two of their scarves. The scarves are to be put back to back together and then loop them once around the neck and then turn the fabric, so that you can check both the fabrics and they are visible.

3. Scarf Wrap Style

This is probably the most simplest way of wearing a scarf. You simply have to wear it openly by wrapping it around your shoulders. This looks casual and is the most easiest ways to wear a scarf.

4. Cozy Neck Wrap Style

This style is most preferred in winters. Simply tie the scarf across your neck twice and then tuck in the edges or ends of the scarf in its loop, thus finishing the look. It suits t-shirts the most and is cozy and warm.

5. Neck Wrap Style

In this type of styling, simply loop the scarf across the neck once and pull down one end slightly longer. Then wrap it around the neck and let both the ends hang.

6. Rolled Loop Style

For this style, you simply have to wrap the scarf around your neck once and then take each end of the scarf up and over the neck loop.


Well, you may have numerous ways to style your scarves, but when it comes to fabric, it has to be Tissura. The quality, fabric, texture, patterns are unmatched.

Have tried them already? Have scarf styles to share? Share them in the comments’ section. I’m all ears!


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