Beyond the Clouds: A must-watch shade of Mumbai!

“Ye hai Mumbai meri jaan..”



…this line brims our imagination with the busy and hush-hush life that Mumbai demands, isn’t it? For me, it does also remind me of the latest movie I saw- Beyond the Clouds, starring Ishaan Khattar(Aamir) and Malavika Mohanan(Tara) in the lead roles and directed by the veteran Iranian Director, Majid Majidi. It is an artwork to be precise, which leaves you with lingering visuals of so many emotions, be it humanity, love, affection or hatred. The list is indeed unending. It is the debut movie of Ishaan Khattar, and he is the star of the movie, outshining the others. I believe him to be a promising star of the future of Bollywood, as he is not only impeccable as an artist but brings in a lot of emotion and value to his role.


The movie has a perfect projection of the struggle-full life in Mumbai, and the scenes are aptly shot and wisely chosen. The movie starts with a busy road of Mumbai, showcasing the Mumbai traffic, which is an important element of the city. The scene shifts from the city life to the downtrodden, struggling life of those who have thrived in the city for an existence. The cinematography is wonderfully done, and one is hooked to the story.

The movie showcases humanity and love in larger portions. It showcases how, without any blood relation or any condition, people can help and build an undying bond with each other. The characters are well thought of, and each one plays their role and character, so efficiently. It shows the deep connection between people with language barriers, just like how every Mumbaikar experiences in this multi-lingual city, the multi-cultural Mumbai. There are scenes which touch your heart and deciphers the true meaning of mere humanity, overpowering circumstances, scenes which teach us that however hard and difficult it may seem, love is enough to sustain.

The movie is a metaphor, enough to colour one’s mind with Mumbai memories. ‘Beyond the Clouds’ is Majid Majidi, the renowned Oscar-nominated Director’s first movie outside his country. He tries to bring in and blend the minimalism of Iranian Cinema into the movie, by not elongating the story and giving the scenes in a short yet powerful way. There is no song in the movie, thus not shifting the focus from the story-line.

Indeed, Majidi shows Mumbai in its true light. We all are belonging to different cultures and different religions, but when situations prevail, our humanity takes birth and does the magic.


According to me, ‘Beyond the Clouds‘ is a delight and is a shade of Mumbai you don’t want to miss. The actors have been at their best, and you must not miss it, at all! You can watch the movie on ZEE5 App as it was launched last Friday on the 10th of August 2018.

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