Best places to eat in Delhi

Delhi is a heart of everything be it any type of place you will find that here. Talking about shoes you get the best as well as cheapest shops and markets for buying shoes, be it clothes you have Sarojini, Lajpat and many more markets known especially for their clothes that too at cheapest price possible, be it clubs you have south Delhi full of high standard clubs to enjoy night parties, and when it comes to food you have no idea how many types and variations we can get in foods all over the capital.

Delhi is known to be the hub of food for extreme food lovers. For a foodie like me, food is like this is why Delhi is loved by the foodies the most. There isa specific place where you can find particular street food whereas in some particular place all you see is expensive restaurants. It offers all types of mood food for all types of moody foodies. From party mood time to ending of pocket money time, we can survive all types of ups and downFood panda Coupon Code here. I guess there’s a reason why Delhi is known to be the heart of India. We can approximately find anything and everything here from a solution of the smallest problem to pollution like big problem everything is present in Delhi.

But for now, let us talk about something we all are fond of that is food. Here is the list of some of the best places to cool down your hunger strikes. It includes from street food offering places too heavy, expensive, attractive restaurants:

  1. North campus: it is indeed one of the best places to eat in Delhi according to me. Remember those college times when you use to geta minimum amount of pocket money? For that time north campus uses to be all of our first love where one can find almost everything they desire to eat. North campus never disappoints anyone. It offers you snacking options, fast food joints, multi-cuisine for lunch and dinner. The place is all the time packed with Delhi University students as it not only offers delicious finger licking food but also at a cheap price.

(Famous points: billi di Hatti, shagun Asian eatery, momo’s point, etc.)

  1. Hudson lane: right after the north campus it comes Hudson lane it is located in GTB Nagar. It is famous for the top class food variety it provides right from the Chinese to Italian to Mexican. One can find all types of food from all over the world. It is also known for the finest restaurants and cafes it provides. According to location this place might look or sound expensive but trust me it is very much pocket-friendly. If you want to order a snack from any of these you can use the Food panda Coupon Code.

(famous points: woodbox café, mad monkey, indusflavors, big yellow door, QD’s etc)

  1. NetajiSubhash place: according to me NSP is one of the places in Delhi which offers all type of food in one place. be it street food, or fast food or fine dining food restaurants it offers everything to you not only this it has some of the best shakes offering places too. For a snack, lovers can go to BTW while students can go for Billu’s hut. Apart from this family time restaurants are also there.

(famous points: billu’s hut, bittu tikka wala, surave, eleven course)

  1. JamaMasjid: whenever I hear Jama masjid I immediately start thinking and imagining about those delicious, mouth-watering chicken they have. Now please all the vegetarians please don’t freak out here I mean it is not like they only kind of food they give you is chicken. There are many street food options as well as small food restaurants where you can get vegetarian food too. But what my point is going to that place and not eating chicken is going there and wasting your money and energy. Though their vegetarian food is delicious that place is basically famous for the way they make different types of chicken.

(famous points: Karim’s, aslam chicken corner, al Jawahar, HajiMohd. Hussain fried chicken)

  1. Connaught place: well talking about Delhi and talking about food I think it would be unfair if we don’t mention the heart of Delhi and the people living in Delhi that is Connaught place aka CP. I don’t know about you people but as far as I remember my childhood Connaught place has always been the adda where we use to hang out, chill, roam, eat and yes also for photo shoots. It not only offers great places to chill with friends but above all it is great too when it comes to eating. It does not offer much street food but has divine restaurants, café, clubs and many more. You can use the Dominos Coupon Code, if you need pizza for your next meal.

(famous points: Kake da hotel, parikrama, barbeque nation)

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