Top 5 Baby wipes in India: #akatheversatile reviews!

A baby’s skin is the most sensitive and the most soft of all, isn’t it? To have a baby is to have the most beautiful and most cherishing gift from the Almighty. As a mother, we so love our babies and couldn’t see a single harm done to them, be it even in the smallest of forms, agree? But the most common factor through which a child gets cranky and upset is through their skin. It is the apparent way which when irritated and harmed makes them irritated and cranky.

I believe that a baby’s skin gets irritated mostly due to moisture and wetness. Since they can’t say it during their infant period, it becomes more difficult to communicate the cause. In the earlier times, infants were made to wear cotton diapers or home made diapers but the outlook now has changed. Even if one is a home maker, moms prefer diapers these days. Overuse of diapers on a baby’s skin can lead to wetness and crankiness. Thus, using good quality wipes comes into the picture, isn’t it? According to me, scented wipes are not much good as they may lead to more wetness and moisture. Unscented wipes which are natural and Paraben free are a relief in today’s time, agree?

Let’s discuss on the best 5 baby wipes that rule the game

1. Mother Sparsh

According to me, it is one of the best baby wipes. I have a plenty of reasons to justify it. Firstly, it is unscented which makes it non-hazardous for the skin of newborns. Secondly, it is water based, thus it is pure and gentle on the skin of the babies. Thirdly, it is Paraben and paraffin free, which makes it the best choice for a baby. The wipes are gentle and of medical grade, hence they don’t harm or lose allergies or infections on babies’ skin. They are 3X thicker, hence reduces wastage and does thrice the work. While other baby wipes claim to be free of Paraben or harmful chemicals, they haven’t yet undergone the test. Mother Sparsh baby wipes are biodegradable and one can even try them before usage by burning them and see that they don’t contain any harmful substances as it doesn’t leave any residue. It is reasonably charged and I personally use it for babies, thereby recommending it.

2. Pampers Fresh Clean Baby Wipes

It is a brand which is trustworthy due to its long time establishment and reliability. It is scented and comes with a grip which enables to wipe the baby’s skin gently and is dermatologically tested, thus safe.

3. Chicco Baby Wipes

It is yet another brand that’s Paraben free and is formulated with Aloe Vera and Chamomile, thus moisturising the skin and making it soft and supple. It is an emerging brand but would like to see more of its products.

4. Mamaearth Bamboo based Wipes

Mamaearth is another brand I trust when it comes to baby products. It follows the idea and notion of nature centric products for a baby and thus, it is gentle and mild on newborns or infants. Mamaearth Bamboo Based wipes are made from bamboo extracts and are 100% madesafe and made with natural ingredients, thus being the next top in this list.

5. Himalaya Herbals Gentle Baby Wipes

This is another good brand which deals with herbal products and I like their baby wipes as they are made with herbal ingredients and are gentle on a baby’s skin and is also mildness tested.

Thus, these are the best of Baby Wipes that are my choice, Mother Sparsh topping the list though as it is absolutely the best in terms of ingredients, components and composition. It is tried and tested by myself and that’s about it. You can purchase it with this buy now link.

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