Japanese Trusted Brand Merries launched in India: Review

Before kids, we spent hours, picking out the perfect pair of shoes to match that dress…
Now we do exactly the same with diapers…

…agree? It was a couple of years ago, till when cloth diapers were used as they were cheap, easy to use, reusable and readily available. But using Cloth Diapers came with their own set of disadvantages, with “bad hygiene” and “baby skin problems” topping the list. Who wouldn’t agree to that? A baby’s skin is the most fragile of all senses and exposing it to such harsh cloth diapers will only deteriorate their skin condition. I believe the idea of using cloth diapers is stale now and obsolete.

We have now resorted to using Diaper Pants which are made with gel lock technology which does tick off bad hygiene, but baby skin problems seem to be persistent. It is such an essential part of a baby care list, that one couldn’t imagine a baby without diapers. But what could be done of the rashes, irritation, crankiness and mood swings in the baby, that comes along?

Well, there are options like Diaper Rash Creams and Powders which are there for rescue, but that’s not the only issue. So what could be done?
Well, fret not! I recently came across this newly launched Japanese Brand, Merries India which is a leading and trusted brand overseas and with their foot in India, it’s a smile-forever moment for the babies and parents, as well. Ask me how? Well, there’s not one reason, but many which makes it a must try in the Baby Care List.

Merries Diaper Pants come with the slogan, “Always gentle to your baby’s skin” and they actually mean this in the truest of senses. It is made with fibres which are in a pattern of light airy wavy mesh, and incredibly breathable, thus drawing out moisture through recessed areas. The Breathable Outer Sheet has micro airy channels which releases heat and the baby feels like a feather.

A Diaper that actually fits well

Diaper Changing is no more a hassle but like a cake walk due to its 2.5X stretchability and hence, it fits well, not being too tight on baby’s tummy.
Super Absorbent Abilities
The polymers in the diaper could absorb up to 200-300 times the weight of the fluid relative to its weight. Thus, parents can be carefree during mornings even if the baby has peed overnight.

Prevents Watery Poo Leakage

The wavy surface of the pants’ inside traps the soft poo and prevents its dispersion outside, thus it doesn’t stick to the baby’s skin and reduces chances of irritation and discomfort.

Color Changing Wetness Indicator

The pants have strips ahead, which changes its color to dark blue, thus indicating that it’s time for diaper change. This reduces that periodic check of diaper pants.

We have been using the diapers for over a couple of weeks for Baby Adiyaan and it does tick all the features mentioned above. In fact, we are planning to continue using Merries for Adiyaan, because it is indeed the right choice. Have you tried it out yet?

Share your experiences of using Merries Diaper Pants #MerriesBaby in the comment section, and if you haven’t tried it out yet, please don’t waste a minute and order it right away!

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