My experience on using Deyga Lip Balm and Vanilla Deodorant

The quarantine period has been a great chance to sit down, relax, and take care of things that we normally overlooked. With sensitive and dry skin, I am paying more attention to my skin and hair, as I had an episode of bad skin and hair the last year. 

Recently, I came across an organic brand, Deyga Organics, that aims to give their customers a wholesome and natural experience with their range of products. The ingredients they use to make their products are pure, natural, and safe. 

This is the reason why I wanted to focus on buying from a brand that aligns with my ideology of skin and hair care. The power of the natural range of products is far more effective and long-lasting than that of artificial and synthetic ones. Apart from that, they don’t cause any allergic reactions, unlike the artificially processed product range.

I had purchased Deyga Beetroot Lip Balm and  Vanilla Deodorant. Let me dive into how I found these products after I have used them for over a month.

Deyga Beetroom Lip Balm

Chapped and dry lips are not only because of dryness of the lips but also due to weather changes. I experienced a long period of chapped lips during this lockdown phase, as for some reason, my skin developed eczema, and so I wanted to try out natural stuff to ward off my lips from the ailment. Beetroot lip Balm by Deyga is 100% organic and contains Shea butter, Avocado oil, beeswax, and Beetroot extract. All of these ingredients are hallmarks of moisturized skin. They work together to improve your skin’s texture, reduce dryness, and provide intense moisturisation. Beetroot has a natural rose tint and it imparts this hue on our lips, each time we use the balm. It also helps to soothe dryness on the lips and heals any cuts that are on the skin. 

Obviously, I didn’t see visible changes until I used it for over two weeks. My lips started to get natural moisture and the dryness was visibly less. 

Deyga Vanilla Deodorant

Summers and sweat are synonyms. Using a natural deodorant was something I never experienced before until I started using Deyga Vanilla Deodorant. Vanilla has a creamy texture and a mood-lifting aroma. Its cheery fragrance is appealing to the senses and motivates the mind for spending a productive day. It is completely handmade and apart from Vanilla,  contains Shea butter, Kaolin Clay, Cocoa butter, Coconut oil, and Beeswax. These ingredients are highly moisturising, and apart from giving out a pleasant fragrance that is uplifting, they also moisturise the underarm skin and repairs the dryness.

After using Vanilla Deodorant for over a month, I am quite happy with the results. The sweat volume has reduced to 40% and the skin in my underarm has become more soft and supple. 

My take on Deyga Products

  1. I believe that they have a beautiful ideology to use natural ingredients in their product range which is the need of the hour. 
  2. Every product is carefully crafted to suit all skin types. 
  3. They have visible results that are a plus point for sure. 
  4. They are reasonably priced to suit all kinds of customers. 

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