Curlvana Deep Nourish Double Cream Hair Mask – Natural Hair Mask for Gorgeous Curls

Managing curly hair at times can be super tough, I like to try different hair masks and recently stumbled upon the Curlvana Deep Nourish Double Cream Hair Mask. Here is my take on it-  It is formulated precisely for ultra-dry, frizzy and dull hair. This hair mask is buttery in texture that moisturizes curls deeply to make them bouncy and well-defined. It deeply conditions the curls for incredible shine and controls hair fall. Here is my Curlvana deep nourish double cream hair mask review.

Who can use Curlvana Deep Nourish Double Cream Hair  ??

The Curlvana Deep Nourish Double Cream Hair Mask is suitable for curly, wavy, coily hair of all porosity. I have curly hair that tends to get extremely dry and requires deep conditioning. A weekly hair mask maintains my curls and provides nourishment. Ordinary conditioners are lightweight and furnish external conditioning but hair masks penetrate the hair shaft to offer deep-rooted nourishment and hydration. The Curlvana Deep Nourish Double Cream Hair Mask restores the curl structure and coils perfectly. It deeply nurtures every strand of my curls giving me strong, shiny curls all the time. It is definitely the best hair mask in India.

Super Ingredients present in Deep Nourish Double Cream Hair Mask

The Deep Nourish Double Cream Hair Mask is incredibly lightweight. It does not damage my scalp and hair, because it is composed of Jamaican black castor oil, geranium EO, fermented rice water, and vitamin B5. I adore the Double Cream Hair Mask since it doesn’t leave behind any residue on the scalp and it is a chemical-free formula. It provides deep nourishment, makes the curls perfect, and conditions the curls as it doesn’t have any form of parabens, sulfates, silicones, or glycerine which cause hair damage and frizziness. It is a CG-friendly hair mask and works well for all types of curls.

The Deep Nourish Double Cream Hair Mask is different from any other hair mask because this is a curly girl-friendly formula. It has that creamy thickness that is best for my hair during humid climatic conditions. It comes in a canary yellow tube of 200 ml which can be handily utilized because it is exceptionally buttery in composition. It slides over my curls and converts them into bouncy soft precise ringlets. 

What is special about Curlvana?

Curlvana’s range of products is India’s first curl care range that has emerged with therapy for frizz-free, fluffy, bouncy, and perfect curls. Curlvana products are designed especially for Indian Curly Hair. It has a wide range of five products, which comprises the Curlvana Fortifying Curl Cleanse Shampoo, Curl Shine Conditioner, Moisture-Lock Curl Styling Leave-In Cream, Curl Defining Styling Gel, Deep Nourish Double Cream Hair Mask. Try this hair mask treatment for curly hair once a week to see a difference for yourself. This will deeply nourish your hair.

Curlvana Deep Nourish Double Cream Hair Mask conserves hydration and replenishes curls without weighing them down. I use it once a week after applying the curl cleanse shampoo and curl shine conditioner. I rest the hair mask on my curls for about 20 minutes. This product has given my curls a new life. I highly recommend this hair mask for every curly hair girl out there.


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