6 Must Have Sandals for Men

Just like accessories, wearing the right kind of footwear completes one’s outfit. If you’re someone who prefers comfort over fashion and trends, let us tell you that sandals for men are the best kind of footwear that you should own. If you think men have a limited choice in footwear as compared to women, you need to check out the amazing collections in sandals for men these days.

The reason why sandals have a vast collection is that sandals are the most preferred choice of footwear among men. Sandals are versatile, which means men have the liberty to style them with several outfits.

If you always prefer wearing sneakers even on days when you have to run errands, you’d be annoyed with how sweaty your feet would become, especially during the summers. In such cases, you can slip into a comfortable pair of men’s sandals and let your feet breathe while you run your errands. 

Also, let’s not forget how hassle-free sandals are because all you got to do is just slide your feet into them and walk away, unlike shoes which can be quite some work given their shoelaces. If you want to buy comfortable footwear, let us suggest the best sandals for men that are in trend these days.

1. Slides: When speaking of sandals, slides need a special shout-out, given the fact that they are so popular these days. Everywhere you see, the younger generation is opting for slides over any other kind of men’s sandals because they are so comfortable and easy. On days when you have to run errands, a pair of slides should be your go-to footwear.

2. Hiking sandals: Just as the name suggests, these sandals are perfect for those who love to walk. Whether you’re going for a nice walk or prefer to walk down to the library or grocery store just around the block, these sandals are perfect because they are airy and the straps on them will give your feet enough support.

3. Leather sandals: Leather sandals are perfect for office-going lads who think shoes are too much. If you want to opt for a lowkey office look, open-toe leather sandals can be paired with your shirt and trousers. There are other options such as closed-toe ones with an open back if you want to have the feel of shoes, but also want to remain comfortable.

4. Flip flops: If you are looking for minimal footwear, flip flops should make it on your list because they are easy, breezy and comfortable. These can be worn all year round and make for a great footwear choice for beach outings.

5. Slip-ons: These are more like slides, but you can wear them at work. The criss-cross strap detailing on them sets these sandals apart from the slides.

6. Crocs: If you want to explore your fashionable side and yet remain comfortable, crocs are the one for you. Available in amazing colours and prints, these slip-ons with little holes on them will allow your feet to breathe. You can pair them with your jeans and shorts.

These sandals for men are worth investing in if you are looking forward to expanding your footwear wardrobe.


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