Cuddables Water Baby Wipes: The Ultimate Fragrance Free Baby Wipes You Must Buy

A newborn is the most beautiful blessing in our lives, isn’t it? The soft touch and sense of a newborn is so comforting and unexplainable. We all know how fragile and sensitive a baby’s skin is. The skin of a healthy baby possesses a natural pH balance. However, when they urinate and poop, the matter comes in contact with their skin and hence, it increases the pH level of their skin, causing irritation and infection. This infection leads to rashes and skin diseases, which can affect the harmony in your house. 

One of the best resorts to cleaning your newborn’s skin is using a clean cloth or a wet wipe. However, what is more feasible to use these days are organic baby wipes. You may find a number of cheap quality baby wipes in the market, which are scented and further impact the baby’s skin. Hence, it is a necessity to conclude on a product that is not only lightweight, soft, but also gentle on the baby’s skin and helps to maintain the natural pH balance of their skin.

That’s when I stumbled on Prakriti Essentials Cuddables Water Baby Wipes. Water is indeed the purest, lightest, and most efficient element for a baby’s proper cleaning. A newborn’s sensitive skin needs the softest touch, just like that of a mother. A baby wipe that is soft and gentle on the newborn’s skin helps to maintain their natural pH balance and doesn’t cause any infections to develop. Cuddables Water Baby Wipes are made with 100% pure aqua without any parabens, phthalates or harsh chemicals, suitable for your baby’s gentle skin. 

As their tagline goes, “Straight from the lap of nature”, they believe in offering baby products that are gentle, soft, natural, and trustworthy. Let us dive into the features that made me fall for Cuddables Water Baby Wipes:

  1. The baby wipes are fragrance free, which makes it work like a natural wet cloth to clean the sensitive areas of the baby. 
  2. Made of 100% cotton fabric and no plastic, the baby wet wipes are lightweight, breathable, and soft, which makes them soft and gentle on the baby’s skin. 
  3. Composed of 99% water, these wipes deliver utmost softness and light on the newborn’s body.
  4. The wipes are 3X thicker, which ensures super absorption and less wastage.
  5. The baby wipes are eco-friendly and biodegradable, which ensures your sustainable contribution to the planet.

Isn’t it an amazing baby product? I certainly believe Cuddables Water Baby Wipes to be a must-buy product during your baby vanity shopping. You can easily shop for Cuddables Water Baby Wipes from their website. They are alternatively available on Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho, and Snapdeal. Happy Shopping!


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