Must Buys for Your Just-Born Baby’s Protection

Motherhood is a wonderful phase. You love the pain, tears, smiles, giggles and everything that it brings along. As a mother, you ensure that no sharp point of life reaches your child and that is why you tend to protect your child against all the odds. But have you got the list of items you will require to ensure that your child is not only sagely protected, but also healthy and happy? Read about those things below. 

1. Swaddle Wrap

Handling and carrying a new born baby requires lot of precautions.  The muscles and body of these little ones are very delicate and that is why it is important to be very careful when carrying them. That is why you should use a swaddle wrap to keep your baby safest. Furthermore, a child sleeps peacefully when the kid wrapped in a swaddle wrap. So, for the better comfort and safety of your child, it is essential to stock up those cottony and super soft swaddle wraps at home. 

2. Baby Carriers

Let us not forget that you will need to carry the baby out and about you go. So, when the baby is with you, you will require a baby’s car seat, baby carriers and everything baby wears to ensure that the baby is safest during the journey.

3. Baby Proof the Entire House

One of the important safety precautions that requires more than just buying the items is child proofing the entire house. You won’t even know and soon your child will be crawling all over the place and even taking everything in mouth. So, before the baby arrives, ensure you are locking up the sockets, keeping the switches above a child’s average height, sealing the loose wires and even adding grills to the stairs and windows. 

4. Nail Clippers

Babies have the habit of hurting themselves if their nails are big and sharp. So, keep a nail clipper alongside yourself so that you can clip off the nails as they are big. This prevents lots of scratches on the baby’s skin and untimely cries later.

5. Diaper Rash Cream

Another important item that you should invest in to keep your baby safest, healthy and happy is a diaper rash cream. These rashes are normal due to the constant wearing of diapers. A diaper rash cream with the safest ingredients is highly recommended to keep your baby’s skin rash free.  

6. Baby Medicine Box

With a newborn baby, you require a first aid box handy always. Your baby will need a colic aid  maybe at the middle of the night, the creams to apply on the skin are also needed, and you never know what kind of medicines your baby might require when. To that is why it is important to be ready with the first aid box in case of emergencies.

7. A Diaper Bag

A happy baby is always dry and clean. A bag full of diapers is important to keep your baby in that condition.


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