Give Your Child the Best in Comfort With Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Premium Cloth Diapers

The arrival of a newborn brings along so many new emotions and experiences, isn’t it? Motherhood is a blissful period with its set of responsibilities and challenges. One such important task that a mother needs to undertake is to make sure the skin of the baby is not hampered due to ‘n’ number of skin irritation probabilities. A newborn’s skin is super soft, fragile, sensitive, and prone to skin infections and irritations, disturbing your pure moments with the baby. 

In earlier times, our mothers used to resort to cloth diapers and napkins to care for our skin. Though cloth diapers would get easily soiled or wet, they posed less stress on the baby’s skin, resulting in reduced diaper rashes, which is a common case now, owing to the materials used in disposable diapers. Disposable diapers may seem easy and hassle-free to use, but with long-time wetness protection, they easily cause rashes, irritations, and in worse cases, skin infections and diseases. 

According to research conducted online, a baby in the first year of their life goes through at least 2000 disposable diapers, which not only burdens the parents with added costs but also to the environment since one diaper takes 500 years to decompose in a landfill. This is where cloth diapers come to the rescue.

However, switching to sustainable products from easy-to-use baby products can be overwhelming. While purchasing cloth diapers, the mother usually addresses the following concerns regarding their baby:

  1. Safe on the baby’s skin (fabric, materials used)
  2.  Cost (features defined as per cost)
  3.  Washing ease (good no. of washes & ease of washing)
  4.  Diaper Usage/duration (wearing duration/longevity of the product)

One exemplary brand that touches these issues and tackles them with grace is Mother Sparsh. They have developed a premium quality nappy experience for babies with their plant-powered Cloth Diapers, which are made using the finest organic cotton fabric. They aim to deliver inspiring and sustainable parenting practices and a happy baby for the parents. Let’s dive deep into the features of Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Premium Cloth Diapers to understand their ideology better!

The Key Features of Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Premium Cloth Diapers:

  1. Ultra-Soft Medical Grade Organic Cotton Blend

Made using 100% medical grade cotton fabric, the diaper is enriched with nine layers of organic cotton soaker and eight layered organic cotton booster pad for excellent soaking capabilities.

Cotton fabric has antimicrobial properties for rash-free skin, is lightweight and breathable, that is soft on the baby’s skin, keeping them comfortable and preventing diaper rashes or skin irritation.

Powered with a feather-soft top sheet for optimum comfort when the baby wears it and promotes air drying ease.

  1. Waterproof Outer Shell

Fabricated with a waterproof outer casing, the cloth diaper helps to prevent leaks and messy encounters, promoting overnight usage.

  1. Adjustable Snap Buttons for the Right Fit

The snap buttons for adjustable size on the diaper cater to your baby’s size and don’t cause any tension or stress to the baby’s waist area. 

It easily conforms to your baby’s butt area for quick wearing and ease of comfort.

Size ranges from XS (5-7 kgs) to L (15-17 kgs)

  1. Washes Up to 250+ times

The cloth diapers are easily machine washable or hand washable for easy care and maintenance.

This allows for reusing it multiple times, saving costs on disposable diapers, and contributing to a healthy and sustainable environment.

  1. Highly absorbent

Made using an organic cotton blend that has a feather-soft cotton feel, the cloth diapers have good absorbent qualities, enabling them to last for up to 4-6 hours.

  1. Contributes to the Overall Hygiene of Your Baby

Since the diapers are composed using organic cotton and plant materials, they are free from pesticides and other unknown chemicals that can hamper your child’s skin.

Backed with high-breathable abilities, they ensure reduced allergies or skin irritation.

Since they are made using natural materials, they are environmentally friendly and super easy to dispose of.

  1. Comes in Six Attractive Prints

These diapers are a fresh take on those boring plain diapers and are available in funky and cute animal and cartoon prints, making them easy to use and blend with your child’s outfit.

The Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Premium Cloth Diapers are easy to use and wear in 5 Simple Steps:

  1. Spread the diaper out flat
  2. Attach the cotton soaker pad to the diaper’s inner side by folding it and snapping it in place
  3. Place the baby gently on top of the diaper
  4. Using the Snap waist buttons on both sides, wrap the diaper around your baby’s waist.
  5. Check for gaps between the elastic and the thigh

Care Instructions for Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Cloth Diapers:

You can either hand wash or machine wash the diaper and inserts separately before using them to optimize their absorbency.

Machine Wash Cold or Warm to a maximum of 104 degrees F/ 40-degree C

Line dry under the sun

Do not bleach or iron

Hand Wash Instructions:

  1. Separate the insert from the diaper and clean them under high-pressure water
  2. Soak the diaper for a little while in Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Baby Detergent Water
  3. Wash them well by rubbing them gently. Avoid using a brush
  4. Rinse thoroughly until there is no detergent residue in the diaper and inserts.

Machine Wash Instructions:

  1. Take the diaper and insert and wash them once under high-pressure water
  2. Soak them in detergent water for a few minutes before washing them with Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Baby Detergent
  3. Rinse them well
  4. Line-dry them under the sun

Isn’t it super easy and such a magical baby product? We love them and hope that you have tried them out as well. If not, what are you waiting for? Head to their website and check out their amazing range of Plant-Powered Premium Cloth Diapers.


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