Relive the Rich Indian Experience With Itokri

As a proud Indian inhabitant, I’m always amazed and thrilled by the beauty that our culture holds. An amalgamation of innumerable castes, traditions, customs, and religions, the grace of India can be experienced in many ways, through its cuisine, decor, handicrafts, clothing, and much more. In this blog, I’d like to elaborate on my experience with Indian handicrafts that was realised with the help of iTokri

iTokri is a Gwalior based, sustainable brand that values Indian handicrafts and works towards making our Indian experience more rich and vibrant. Each of their listed products are handmade and sustainable, helping us not only live the Indian life but also contribute towards a greener and eco-friendly lifestyle. They support locals by partnering with 500+ artisan families of Gwalior, who have carried forward the rich legacy of India in their arts and crafts.There’s more! 70% of iTokri’s workforce is backed by local Gwalior women, as they encourage employment opportunities in the rural areas. 

Their progressive story was enough for me to shop through their website, but I was simply overwhelmed by the collection that is in store at the iTokri website. They have a huge collection of fabrics, clothing, accessories, home & kitchen, stationery & toys, gifting, face masks, and so much more on their website, from all around India.

After a dilemmatic session that spanned around a few hours, I finalised on buying myself a

1. Handcrafted Wooden Epoxy Resin Tray in a lovely Mediterranean print,

2. A set of 6 Handcrafted Madur Grass Round Coasters of Midnapore, and

3. A Handcrafted Sheesham Wooden Cup Plate

I feel so great and satisfied each time I write ‘handicraft’ here, as it makes me proud to be an owner of Indian handicraft items that are sourced from genuine and local Indian artisans. 

Anyway, I received my order on time and it came in a handmade paper wrap, well sealed. When I opened the parcel, I was taken by surprise, as a small and personalised handwritten letter on a handmade paper welcomed me. That’s not all! They also gifted me with a set of block printed napkins in green. The items I purchased are absolutely gorgeous and I enjoyed my experience of buying from iTokri, as they have lived their promise of not only supporting and helping thrive Indian handicrafts, but also in supporting a huge majority of local Indian artisan families. 

Will I shop again from iTokri? Well, yes! I would also encourage my readers and followers to go experience a slice of India through the rich and welcoming products available at iTokri.


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