CEDP Skill Institute: aka The Versatile Reviews.

The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows… … I read this quote a few days back at an Educational Institute and this empowering idea stayed with me. These words go beyond the very confines of its idea, as when they are met with reality, only a revolution follows. Talking about the institute where I read about this beautiful quote, I met … Continue reading CEDP Skill Institute: aka The Versatile Reviews.

Mama Earth Baby Products Review: Part II

A baby fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty. … indeed! Babies are so beautiful. The innocent charm that a baby carries is unmatched and blissful. Though I am unmarried, I am blessed to experience the joy that a child brings to one’s life. When my little nephew Hasnain was born, I was the most happiest person on this planet … Continue reading Mama Earth Baby Products Review: Part II

Revolt Oxygen: Product Review

What’s a better alternative to fresh and pure oxygen? It’s Revolt! It is a revolutionary product in the health industry promises one and all fresh, unadulterated oxygen that help in a number of ways. Oxygen has always been critical to our survival but isn’t it becoming more and more difficult to breathe fresh, clean air? Not being able to take in pollution-free oxygen leads to … Continue reading Revolt Oxygen: Product Review

MamaEarth Baby Products: Review!

A new baby is like the beginning of all things – wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities. ~~ Eda J LeShan Indeed! A baby’s warmth and innocence is blissful and oh-so-beautiful! I cannot agree more to this fabulous quote because I love kids and whenever a new child is born in our family, be it a girl or a boy, we all greet them with … Continue reading MamaEarth Baby Products: Review!

How to buy sunglasses that suit your face! #Men

Not all accessories are essential for men, except for… yes, you’re closer- The Sunglasses. It is not just a mandatory ritual to flaunt your glasses under the sun for eye-protection, but to also showcase your vanity and style. A women has an endless list when it comes to accessories, but most men would be suffice with just sunglasses, isn’t it? While you choose yourself that … Continue reading How to buy sunglasses that suit your face! #Men